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  • “Letting Go” feat. Sarah Green
  • “Words I Never Said” feat. Skylar Grey
  • “Till I Get There”
  • “I Don’t Wanna Care Right Now” feat. MDMA
  • “Out of My Head” feat. Trey Songz
  • “The Show Goes On”
  • “Beautiful Lasers, (Two Ways)” feat. MDMA
  • “Coming Up” feat. MDMA
  • “State Run Radio” feat. Matt Mahaffey
  • “Break the Chain” feat. Eric Turner & Sway
  • “All Black Everything”
  • “Never Forget You” feat. John Legend

Lupe Fiasco joined the vast ranks of artists that utilize mircoblogging for self-promotion. The Chicago rapper tweeted that his upcoming album would be called Lasers , quickly after he said it was titled We Are Lasers . According to one of Fiasco's tweets, " Lasers ...comes from some repressed highschool outcast shit...blended amidst 'And He Gets the Girl' ambitions." Fiasco is producing some tracks this time out and aims to nab guest spots from Bun B and Kid Cudi. Longtime producer Soundtrakk will also handle the production duties. Fiasco announced last year that he was retiring from hip-hop after the follow-up to 2007’s The Cool drops. As for the pending retirement, the popular rapper confirmed that he’s still following through on those plans: “yeah I’m still retiring..."

Gomez - A New Tide Willie Nelson The Nearness of You

Ok, I'm probably gonna look like a dumbass for sayin this but Lupe is one of my idols. Next to Eminem, he's my most important one. He is my favorite rapper of all time and I am gonna end up buggin the hell out and losin my mind when he retires after this next album but is it gonna be We Are Lasers or LupE.N.D.?


He shortened it to 'Lasers' via Twitter.

/site_media/uploads/images/users/Frosty/Kyle.jpg Kyle Lemmon

This next album will be called lasers. I have heard that he is waiting to retire and will put out 2 more albums before LupE.N.D


Lupe leaves eminem for dead, eminem has a chronic stuttering speech impediment compared to Lupe


When does this 'Lasers' album release, anybody know? I hope 'Conflict Diamonds' is on it! And hell it'd be a right shame if he retired, he is one of the greatest musicians of all time. True brilliance.


Conflict Diamonds is old as hell...still goes hard but old as hell Lasers drops 12-29-09 he really shouldn't retire


conflict diamonds is on his mixtape.

lumpy hippo

Trevor I agree 100%. That's not a dumb thing to say at all. Lupe and Eminem are my two favorites, Lupe at number one.


WTF??? BUN-B and kid cudi??? wat's lupe up 2???
still cant wait 4 the album though!


yes lupe is one of the greatest including kanye west i seriously think these two mcs are the best of all time with their lyrical talent. i wish they would come and do a concert in my city so everybody would agree with me for once!


Lupe is god. He has another two albums after 'Lasers' then LupE.N.D will be a three disc album, all released at different dates. Everywhere, Nowhere, Down there is what the initials stand for. This is what i have heard. It sounds plausible.


If he makes two albums and LupE.N.D. after lasers he can leave the rap business


Honestly I don't want to see the day that Lupe Fiasco comes to a E.N.D. Lupe is a breathe of fresh air to Hip-Hop because his lyrics are endless. I swear 20 years from now i will still be bumping his music.


I gotta say that I agree with a couple of you guys. Lupe is the best to EVER hold the mic. Eminem comes in 2nd after being 1st to me for a while. To Chauncey, Kanye and Lupe did do a concert together..It was Kanye's glow in the dark tour..Lupe ripped the show! I gotta say that Kanye is nowhere near the level Lupe is.. He is a good rapper though... Just fell off a lot since college dropout. I also doubt conflict diamonds will be on there no matter how amazing it is..but it is more likely that And He Gets The Girl will be on there..It will be kinda like when Kanye put Hey Momma on Late Registration and changed it up a little..As you can see I am EXCITED!!


I gotta say that I agree with a couple of you guys. Lupe is the best to EVER hold the mic. Eminem comes in 2nd after being 1st to me for a while. To Chauncey, Kanye and Lupe did do a concert together..It was Kanye's glow in the dark tour..Lupe ripped the show! I gotta say that Kanye is nowhere near the level Lupe is.. He is a good rapper though... Just fell off a lot since college dropout. I also doubt conflict diamonds will be on there no matter how amazing it is..but it is more likely that And He Gets The Girl will be on there..It will be kinda like when Kanye put Hey Momma on Late Registration and changed it up a little..As you can see I am EXCITED!!


lupe fiasco is the best rapper to ever spit a lyric and
if he does lasers, 2 other albums and then lupend, which is a 3 disc album, he cud retire. after showing that much greatness, he shouldnt, but then again he should.


Lupe, Em, and Andre 3000... 3 best Lyricists of all time... However, if the album drops 12/29/09, and his first single is already out ("Shining Down") - oh and "fire", then that means we are in store for a five month wait... not happening, it'll be released sooner than that... Oh and The Title might change, he may stick to the script and finish it as L.U.P.End.


I think Lupe and Biggie are the best lyric writers of all time, BIG's stuff had meaning and it was incredible to see what he was born into and where he made it, and Lupe is just incredible


Im from chicago and i think that lupe and kanye are both holding it down and showin wat our city is all about. cant wat for lasers its goin to be majestic

I represent the GO

What makes a classic rapper is lyrical intelligence, and the fortitude to talk about current issues, politics, and social wrongs. Nas, Lupe, Em, Common, Kanye, etc.... these are the heavyweights greats.


Z-Nice you couldn't have said it better. I had an argument earlier today about that exact subject. We need to keep supporting real hip hop.

Too Uncool

Can't wait for this album, gonna be dope.

as for Kanye, he's a good rapper, but not a great rapper. on the other hand he is one of the best producers out. producer first, rapper second.


i agree with daydreamer, kwest is a producer first and rapper second but cant knock em though cus hes still on top of my list with Jigga, Nas and Kweli. As for Lupe's LASERS album, i dont even wanna hear anything else that leaks out on the web because on this album i wanna here all the tracks fresh all at once like a story cus thats wat Lupe is a lyrical story teller and few ppl can only do that now a days.



ahaha amo a lupe fiasco espero ii venga a mexico ahaha espero con ancias su disco

lucy eleqtriq boombox

I heard his last album is suppose to be a triple disc album. Anyone else hear this?


lupe fiasco classified and 2 pac in my opinion are the 3 greatest song writer/rappers ever in the industry. i dont like eminem


no no no his produser is makin him do another album called lasers before he finishes up with lup.e.n.d


first off eminem shouldnt even be in the same sentance as lupe..but finally we need a lupe album with kanye, cudi, common, and maybe even a lil asher roth to mix it up a bit..either way it will be nice


lupe already said he changed his mind about releasin just 3 albums, it'll be Lasers, then LUP E.N.D., which is a 3 disk album.


asher roth?? c'mon man. lupe, com, em, jay-z, kanye. i may sound like the rest but.. those are the 5 current greats.. in my book.


Da Album Cumz Out ON December 15 09


I don't think lasers is his last one, last time i checked he decided on doing 2 more mixtapes before lupE.N.D....



damn i can't wait to hear this album. shining down was mad tight and im sure all the rest are gunna be ill too. and i honestly dont think hes gunna retire after this one. he is gunna be on top after Lasers is released. and i honestly hope he doesnt feature too many stars on this album. i want him to do this album like he's been doin them. hes only dun collaborations wit ppl from chi-town. he is too good to be featuring hip-hop all-stars. i mean i love kanye and wayne for their lyrics but i jus wanna hear lupe. hes got so much important things to say and i kno this album is gunna wreck everyone else lyrically. Love ya lupe, keep em comin


Lupe is retiring after two more albums, his record company wont let him. thank god cause he is one of the best out there.


hes not allowed to retire like he wanted to according to his record contract


lupe has 4 more albums he's doing. he said it during a concert when he changed the lyrics of fighters from ."Now we just got one more to got, L.U.P.End" to "now we just got 4 more to go, No more L.U.P.END" I am the biggest Lupe Fiasco fan ever...since the farenheit 1/15 part one, but i don't think this is good at all. I heard some of his new freestyle and he has a whole new more agressive style. More swearing and less lyrical artwork like I'm used to. In my opinion he had always planned to stop after three albums and now that Atlantic is making him do more it's not really where his heart is. I really hope Lasers is everything i'd hope it would be...but i will always wonder if he had just dropped LupE.N.D. would it have gone down as one of the greatest albums ever. I really think an artist only produces quality work when he/she is doing what they want to. Right now i don't think Lupe is


The idea that rappers "retire" is complete BS.


He is retiring, but he is starting a band called japanese cartoon.


ew, adrian, did you just say Jay-Z? Really? He's not good, you should listen to his songs and when you actually pay attention you will notice ALL of his songs make no sense, his lyrics are like not even related to each other.. I admit i used to like Eminem but now he's becoming like the rest of them..


Lupe putting Cudi n bun b on his stuff is crap. these guys are way too commercial and luck the poetic deepness to be on a lupe track. Lupe should retire coz you who claim to be his biggest fans are have bootlegs and pirated copies n freedownloads. if you are not givin the bro his poetry's worth, then he should retire. lupe is my best though


im just rdy for da album to hear one of tha best to ever do it, damn why is lu so underrated

mr slc

George, there's no need for that negative output from you.. to be honest with you, the pirating are from those that don't know his work and are in it for the hit once it hits the radio.. "Us"? we true fans that understand the correct state of mind of hip hop actually buy the albumn.. I myself have baught the albums Multiple amount of times because once my friends hear the rhymes the love and as k for copies, but I rather give them the original and support true talent buy purchasing another. those that why lupe doesn't retire, it's because he's still trying to save hip hop.


lupe is a genius....every line he says is fire,and unlike alot of artist,he takes pride in his love to the greatest rapper of all time and buy lasers when it comes out....


-i must say hands down he is the dopest.
the first time i heard he was retiring i was actually upset because i cant think of anyone else who is even remotely close to his mindset and how well he can get his message across in every song. its going to be hands down a classic and will be in heavy rotation =)


L.ove A.lways S.hines E.verytime R.emember 2 S.mile...we are all LASERS. 12/15 cannot wait


Trevor I so feel you dude Lupe is my favorite rapper and if he really does retire I'm goin to end up goin nuts that would really suck. Lu if you're reading this or anyone for that matter check me out at or google my name Corey Threet thanks and please comment I'd appreciate it greatly


Lupe may retire.. but he will always be my favorite artist! No Disrespect to all yhu other fans but if you were tired you would retire too! Maybe lupe, our most famous star, wants to be a normal person;


is it lupE.N.D or lasers and hase it been relised yet??


Everytime i listen to lupe i feel like I should go to church man lol He explains everyhting about life and the true meaning behind it and offers alot by the way of religious insight. Truly poetic, his rapping stlye sometimes get you blind you have been


J cole son


He is one of the few honest rappers and for him to just begin to influence us and now disappear "hurts my soul".

Jasmine W

Lupe Fiasco is the best rapper Alive, point blank!!!

Bandito Magnum

any one know an expected release date of the new album?????


apparently he had a contract with atlantic to do a total of 4 or 5 albums so when he said he would do LupEND after the cool, atlantic reminded of his contract so he has to do 2 more albums b4 LupEND which is awesome for us coz thats more lupe for us, and the 1st of the 2 is lasers then the 2nd one well i dont know the name yet thyen after that its LupEnd, so dont worry guys lasers is not his last, oh and shining was actually released merely because it leaked, that song was not meant to come out, well at least not wen it did, this has bee i news read from your, the duke supreme

duke supreme

Haha, I agree with Bandito Magnum. I've been a fan of Lupe for only 3 years now ( I'm eleven!) but I can't stop listening to him!! I'm basically gonna die when he retires, and I've been searching all over the net but I cant find any site that shows the release date of the album!! I absolutely adore Lupe's music,he's just beyond AWSOME :D


LMAO at @ numb1er same here i feel like that too... Lupe is hands down the best rapper 2day and will be a legend someday. Having his albums alone feel like thats all i need to hear.


Lupes hard, eminems harder lil wayne has been holding down the charts for the past two years, but when the is LASERS coming out, and why has it been postponed so many times, its not like he pulled a kanye west

M PImpin

he's still gonna make LupEND. it's supposed to be a three disc album. LupEnd comes from the ending of oldschool video games where you type in three initials and it says that plus END. plus it's a play on lupe. i can't wait for anything he puts out. stallion. pumped for the new tour.


Lupe is one of the top five artist out here that makes real music, the others are Jay-z,Q-Tip,nas,and Eminen. out of the male artists


Lupe is my #1 favorite artist period. Lasers is being postponed by the record company and has no official release date. He will be releasing 2 more albums before his retirement; "Lasers" and "The Japanese Cartoon".




when does the lp actually drops...need that asap cuz


last i heard was late fall this year. i think we are looking at an october release date. theres some talk that the contract was 4 or 5 more albums. Lasers, followed by LupE.N.D, which would be 3 albums. Everywhere, Nowhere, Down Here. so i dont know about the album between Lasers and LupE.N.D, but everything ive seen says LupE.N.D is a 3 part album(whether its one release or three separate im not sure.


@Mike: Japanese Cartoon is a separate entity from Lupe. Lupe is the lead singer for that band but it has nothing to do with his solo career and last I heard their debut album "In The Jaws Of The Lords Of Death" is set to release July 4, 2010.
@ShawnShawn Lupe has said that LupE.N.D. is shelved for good, postponed indefinitely, so the likelihood that it will actually be released is slim-to-none. According to a recent interview Lupe said that he wrote and recorded 4 albums in the two weeks following the release of MTV's Hottest MC's of 2009 list. When they will be released is to be determined but he has four or five albums sitting at home waiting to be released, so if Atlantic ever releases L.A.S.E.R.S. you should expect an overload of Lupe. And there is NO RELEASE DATE at all. Not an anticipated date. Not a tentative date. Not a target date. NOTHING at all. The record company is citing "Budget issues" but thats a load of bull. I have a petition on Facebook for the release of L.A.S.E.R.S. but we need more people. We're at 850 but the more we get the more likely we are to being heard!!! Here is the link, if you have a facebook then join!


Lupes album is dropping July 28, news just broke on MTV news


How can I get on a song with you?


^^^Dumb it down

/site_media/uploads/images/users/Andrew_Martin/me.jpg Andrew_Martin

NOOOOO!!! If Lupe Fiasco retires, Hip-Hop will die. He is the realest rapper out there. No one competes on that level. He raps morally and has messages in his lyrics, unlike most rappers who pollute the minds with vulgarities. I sound like nerdy ass loser, but seriously, Lupe is the best rapper alive in my eyes and it's a shame how someone of his caliber could be so underrated.


I think the only other rappers that compare to Lupe lyrically are Blu, Mos Def, Black Thought, Kweli, Eminem, and of course 2pac. Lupe's vocabulary is by far better than all thought. An honest lyrical genius with imagery and wordplay. Lupe is one of the last of a dying breed of emcee. Lupe said in an interview that Blu is the only rapper in the game that scares him. "I sit and listen to his raps, and i hope that they're not better than mine"
For lupe to say that about anyone is just insane. But if you havent heard of Blu, you need to.

@ any Lil Wayne fan:
Wake the f*** up and realize what real music is...


Open your eyes -- Lupe is the best, period. The context and lyrics of his songs are significantly more profound than any other artist.

Alex Lee

His last album is LupE.N.D. He has a contract for so many albums.

T.J. Gober

petition to get it released...

/site_media/uploads/images/users/daba/me-bermudajpg.jpg Daba

Lupe's reasoning for becoming more aggressive comes from his attraction to disbanding the Illuminati theories against him, and turning them against the TRUE Illuminati conspirators in the media today. With the release of his freestyle over "B.M.F." entitled "Building Minds Faster" he pronounces his stance on the Illuminati and their involvement with pushing back the release date for Lasers, as well as their involvement in government projects. Pay attention to the "Lasers" symbol on the album; the "a" of "Lasers" and the "o" of "Losers" creates the sign for anarchy, showing his distrust of the government. I hate turning this entire comment about one of the greatest, if not THE greatest album to hit the music industry in years, into some huge political and conspiracy ish, but it's truth. Pay attention to everything that Lupe talks about on this next album and read into the things that he talks about and you WILL see the truth in his words and his accusations towards people and society.

To people talking about Kid Cudi's possible feature on the album and him not being deep enough, that's all just from peoples outlook on Cudi's involvement with weed. Yeah, he's a pothead. Who cares? Many potheads have shown us a lot, and brought us a lot of deep things into this world. Just because there are commercial references on this album doesn't mean that Lupe is becoming some commercial artist. But how else is he going to get his message to the WORLD? Isn't that the entire point? Show the world what you want them to hear, and give the world KNOWLEDGE! Lupe Fiasco is taking a stand in hip hop and he is creating a much needed shift in the balance of power in the hip hop world. He is the truth in American hip hop, and he will forever be the greatest lyricist to pick up a mic. Eminem comes very close as far as lyricism goes, but NO ONE will ever reach the standards that Lupe Fiasco has created.

End of story.


whiteboy94 I'm glad to see that it is people that got sense and wisdom.


lupe most deff. is the best rapper. hip hop has died completely , and him retiring will just seal the deal. its a big shame if hes really serious about this lasers then lup e.n.d retirement plan. :\
" but not too loud cause the babies sleepin, i wonder if it knows what the world is keepin.."


Im feelin these comments. Lupe and Em

Cam Edmiston

Release date is now March 8, 2011

/site_media/uploads/images/users/daba/me-bermudajpg.jpg Daba

I want this album to come out so bad. Lupe is a breathe of fresh air and in my top ten of best rappers alive.


the industry doesn't want the truth to come to light. LASERS


If u don't believe the people that say lasers will come out March 8, 2011 check on his website it says in the corner of the website. and i think his lyrics r great, his songs r great, dang, i just think the guy himself (sorry 4 my spelling) is a phenomonom! i think lupe shouldn't retire cause I've listened to his music 4 about 3 years now and i don't wanna stop listening to him!

Lupe lover not hater

Lupe, without doubt, greatest rapper alive. Enough said.


nahh even man i love lupe too he one of the greatest lyricist ever im gonnah buy this album just like his mixtape


nahh lupe is the best lyricist of this time so big ups to hiim


i think lupe and eminem sud make a song to gether it be well good the both have so much in to music them to are the best rapper hope the do one together


Kanye West Is Not A Top MC Living Or Dead So If You Think So Listen To Country Music Instead.BeCause You Know Nothing About True Hip-Hop.Dumb It Down Dummies


latest album cover uploaded

/site_media/uploads/images/users/daba/me-bermudajpg.jpg Daba

Lupe is hot.., definately top 5 but I can't say best alive when Jay Electronica roams the Earth. And I can't say that Kanye is lyrically better than either but he's at the very least Top 10. He has he ability to make so-so lyrics sound powerful when put to the music he provides and also tells stories. Just in a different manner. But I certainly agree with Blackstar being up there. Joe Budden is certainly one of my favorites with his music. Eminem is good, he just need to find out what his style is since he dropped the crazy style he originally had. Other than that, Pac and Big, 3 Stacks, I would say Jay-Z if he consistantly rhymed like he did on Shiny Suit Theory (but he is lazy as hell and money hungry), and Nas.


this album is not going to be his last...his label is trying to delay his retirement and proposed he do this before LupEND
LupEND is supposed to be a three disc finale, his present to the fans/the world and his way of saying i love yall
my guess? he wants to provide the best music possible to the fans and the world without tainting it by making record after record.
by making record after record, you won't get the best because that avenue is to generate profit and a lot of that music is wack. im thinking of one person in particular who is high up on the chain hoggin the lime light by suffocating the rap industry with mixtapes and half-assed projects since the drought3...
i digress, this is about lupe, and he just wants to give us all his best music, and i have the utmost respect for his approach/method. can't wait for LupEND
FnF Up!


I agree with alot of ya'll on here that Lupe is a breath of fresh air, but please don't get it twisted, like M'kai alluded to as long as Andre 3 staxxz is alive along with Jay Electronica, Jay-z( when he aint dumbin' down his flow to double his dillarz) Blu, and of course who Jay- Elec, Lupe, J-Cole, and Jay-Z got their inspiration from.... NAS! Lupe is good but he is far fromm the best to ever hold the mike and those songz "the show goes on" and "words I never said" sound like Jay-z when he started dumbin his flow down. I got a feeling Atlantic is gonna make dude go commerical or regulate him to underground status. Only time will tell. Peace!

love knoxxz

@Tipical how can you say kanye isn't a great MC?


The Greatest to Hold The Mic

1. Lupe/Andre 3000
2. Nas
3. Eminem
4. B.I.G


@Nonya "Greatest to hold the mic..." Tupac should have found his way on that list...from the dead obviously


how yall forgetting about Pac main? 2Pac, Biggie, Eminem, Lil Wayne, Jay-Z, Nas, Outkast...then Lupe. No disrespect to Lupe but he's got work to put in before he's tip 5, ya dig?


the only thing tht earns lupe the brytest lym lyt ever is tht he is the most truthfull yet moralistic Mc ever. Lupe got the most prominent coscience of hip hop in the game. the nikka gt the ryt ingridience to cook the patriotic legacy. The fact tht he myt b realsin a ferwell album is kinda unfair coz thrs only minimum of hs kind in ths abused cliche' rap game.


ecko I think you need to go back to school, I wanted to pull my hair out trying to read your comment ... what the **** is "ingridience"?

please do something with your English, its embarrassing to be apart of a culture that is this dumb

ecko is illiterate

I swear this has to be one of the GREATEST Pieces of Music EVER CREATED.....LUPE = Modern Day Tupac......


lasers was horrible compared to his first two albums. overproduced autotuned garbage. he dumb it down..


You guys are all idiots. This was a label album lupe didn't even write any of these tracks. Cant put him up there with Em when he released an album he didn't even write. Do your research Lupe hates this album its all bs. theres a lil truth for you go to that link.


LASERS is amazing! Get to catch him live in Chicago too!
Buy the album Lasers, Only Losers steal.


Lupe fiasco <3 Lasers <3

Man speaks the truth & his music is just in its own league!!
Imagine if he colab'd with eminem & lowkey... x


Lasers is definitely a cop-out. I say if you plan to buy it, do so know it's nowhere near on par with The Cool. If you do so do it to support Lupe if anything. Rather than retire i'd hope Lupe just quits with Atlantic and finds a better way to get his music out. But long story short the Label ruined this album.

The Cool

I don't know why some are criticising the album so much, if you ask me it's the same truthful content as the rest of his previous albums with affects and beats to follow the modern trend. Listen to the lyrics...still innovative content with unpredictable rhymes. Why follow the modern trend? well people buy what's NEW, an Artist may have his dedicated fans (ala most of us here) but they are always trying to the reach the wider audience. I recommend this album unless you prefer that nonsense that comes from French Montano, Lil Wayne, etc. Drugs, Money, Bitches so damn cliche it's mind boggling.


The Greatest to Hold The Mic

1. Tupac
2. Eminem
3. Dre
4. Lupe
5.Wiz Khalifa


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