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Ludacris is the best rapper alive because he continually comes with the creativeness in all of his CDs. Yes, I may be a little bias, but, everything Ludacris does, becomes a hit somewhere. His most recently-released album, Release Therapy is sensational! All of his songs on there, whether he collabed with someone or not, were off tha chain! Especially "Warning (Intro)" because that song is an actual release song for his Release Therapy CD! I really like how he incorporated a gospel song with Bishop Eddie Long on the CD, so on Sunday, I can still listen to my favorite rapper! He is greatly underappreciated for everything he does. People want to call Lil Wayne the best rapper alive, but that's impossible! He's only been in the game, solo, for a couple of years. Luda has released 7 albums and I know he will release even more in the future. I don't know who said that the song "Girls Gone Wild" sounded like Ludacris rapping like Eminem! Are they nuts? Eminem is a very good rapper, but compared to Ludacris, there's no competition. Ludacris has his own style of rap like how he makes noises with the beat, such as in the song "That Girl Right There" with Usher featuring him. He said, "Thigh-thigh-thigh-thigh-thigh!" along with the ascending beat. That was so Ludacris! So crunk! Luda is just so unique just like me and that's why he's the best! DTP!


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