The Little Ones

    Lovers Who Uncover (EP)


    The members of Los Angeles’s Little Ones let some friends take over for the EP release of their great indie-pop single “Lovers Who Uncover,” and it’s not really clear why. Left alone, “Lovers Who Uncover” is a tight, shameless bout of ringing guitars, can’t-stop-now rhythm and beautiful melodies good enough to quiet the objections of obvious Shins-aping. Of the two remixes offered here, only one — by CSS — does something interesting by building on the bass-line-and-drum slaps of the original, turning it into a rubbery dance jingle. Other stuff — album cut “There’s a Pot a Brewin'”; a Stereolab remix of “Oh, MJ!” — is worth the time; another remix of “Lovers Who Uncover,” by Crystal Castles, as well a radio edit and album version of the song, are just plain unnecessary. Best bet: Check out the band’s overlooked 2006 EP, Sing Song, seven tracks of original material.



    [Note: The CD version of the Lovers Who Uncover EP differs slightly from the iTunes release. The iTunes version features a “James Ford mix” of the title track — I’m about 99.9 percent sure this is the same as the radio edit on the CD — and a Radioclit mix of “There’s a Pot a Brewin’,” which essentially extends the song’s kitchen-utensil percussion and is admittedly pretty cool.]