Smoke and Smoke

    Love Suffers Long


    It’s been six years since the BMX-crazed duo of Mike Kunka and Dan Haugh pummeled us with a Godheadsilo album. After releasing Share the Fantasy in 1998, they swiftly slipped under the radar, untouched and unnoticed as others stepped into their space with more defined goals in progressing the new metal sound. With the advent of groups like Death From Above 1979 and heavy-metal revivalists High on Fire, it was high time for a second coming.


    Remanufactured under the guise Smoke & Smoke, Kunka and Haugh found themselves a new prophet to howl over their signature sound and off they went. Spencer Moody from the indie spawning outfit known as the Murder City Devils stepped in to pick up where Kunka’s Godheadsilo vocals left off, and Love Suffers Long was recorded. The same simple sound of heavy bass licks laced with effects and Haugh’s steady drumming still exist, only now they’ve got a different voice to move the masses.

    The distorted and trashing sounds of Kunka’s bass piece together each song in such heavy sludge that it seems as if the entire album all nineteen minutes of it was one tune. Moments feel like stabs at classic Mercyful Fate sounds, with heavy-hitting power chords like one of the album’s highlights, “Into the Smoke and Smoke.” Other songs, like “Boys, Books and Kitty Cats,” are simply indie punk in their execution of tweaked bass sounds and Moody’s loose vocals reminiscent of the Godheadsilo days. The album’s farewell, “Smoke and Smoke Against the Machine,” is a steady-driving tune with an overly intimidating and haunting feel, with Moody yelling, “You know I don’t have to tell you we’ve been behind you.”

    If you’re like me, you’ll be left wanting to replay the album after the last song finishes and get caught with Moody’s random mantra’s echoing throughout your head. Don’t be surprised when you find yourself walking down the hall muttering lines like “Little Seattle sleeps all night,” or “Young bodies hold young minds.” You’re not being possessed by the devil, you’ve simply fallen into Smoke & Smoke. And it’s not a bad place to be.

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