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According to his press release, Louis Logic writes rhymes that would make Eminem blush. But on the way there, he makes his listeners cringe. There are a few interesting beats scattered throughout this record, adding a dash of flamenco guitar or a rolling piano loop, but none of them make it worth listening to its painfully juvenile content. Imagine Def Jux's PFAC without the in-joke and you're in the ballpark. I never thought I'd own a record that contained the lines "How would you like to get fucked in the butt? / I know you'd prob'ly love to get covered with nut," but sadly, that day has come.


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  • Sintro
  • Street Smarts
  • Freak Show
  • Celph Hatred - Celph Titled, Louis Logic
  • Diablos - Celph Titled, Louis Logic
  • Dos Factotum
  • Coochie Coup - Fienza Jollie, Louis Logic
  • Postal
  • Mischievous - Kingston Killah, Louis Logic
  • Halfway Stretch (Sinterlude)
  • Best Friends - Mike Apathy, Louis Logic
  • Revenge!!! - Celph Titled, Louis Logic
  • Fair Weather Fan
  • Rest
  • Ugly Truth
  • Idiot Gear
  • Dust to Dust
Much the Same - Quitters Never Win Pole Position XO

This albumn make m want ot make thisdude m biotch. My personal parking gartage sayin it down.

richard beninya

louis lagic is badass motha f-cka and doesnt giver a f-ck what you ******* say.


Then shut the f---- up T-Block, because no words are needed if no one cares

anthony philip torres

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