John Tejada

    Logic Memory Center


    John Tejada calls Logic Memory Center his “computer album.” It’s clearly for the dance-floor troop; Tejada, who’s also recorded as Autodidact, Mr. Hazeltine and Lucid Dream, has been slinging techno for more than a decade on a whole mess of labels, including his Los Angeles-based Palette Records. Logic Memory Center finds its logical center on Plug Research and it spins as interestingly as the others in the catalogue. Tejada’s honed skills push mind-bending psychedelia to the forefront of his minimalist pulsing beats, as clinks and stuttering laptop tones find their way into both channels, smartening up an often tedious genre. Guest vocalist Carl Finlow of Random Factor and Silicon Scally offers some ’80s-tinged assistance on “Alone with You,” giving Tejada a chance to add synth melodies to warm up its bubbling beats and icy altitudes. More chilly than chilled — bring a sweater.


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