Live the Storm


    Vocalist Tomas Lindberg has to keep screaming in order to survive — it’s like he’s some extreme-music shark. Just a few months after his Great Deceiver project released its third full-length and his legendary death-metal band At the Gates announced a reunion, here’s a new record from yet another of his current focuses: the Swedish hardcore-punk band Disfear.

    Live the Storm keeps the D-beat flag flying high, with Lindberg discharging his inimitable bark over melodic-punk bluster. Bluesy rock leads from new addition Uffe Cederlund (ex-guitarist for Entombed) stake Disfear even further away from the metallic cosmos wherein Lindberg usually orbits. Instead of palm-muted metal riffing and grindcore blastbeats, Live the Storm gives us that familiar gun-ga-dunk rhythm, beer-slosh gang vocals and uplifting punkisms like “I just wanna get it off my back!” and “We are the revolution!”

    The disciples of Discharge-style punk aren’t known for their progressiveness, and Disfear is no exception. There’s not much in the band’s songs that you can’t get from, say, Tragedy or Wolfbrigade, and its intense attachment to C-minor make the tracks nearly indistinguishable. But in a subgenre that prizes energy and emotional honesty above all else, Live the Storm solidifies Disfear as among the best at what it does, and Lindberg among the most versatile melody-avoidant vocalists working today.


    Band: http://www.disfear.com
    Label: http://www.relapse.com
    Audio: http://www.myspace.com/disfear