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  • American Star feat. Shanell aka SNL
  • Prom Queen feat. Shanell aka SNL
  • Ground Zero
  • Da Da Da
  • Paradice
  • Get A Life
  • On Fire
  • Drop The World feat. Eminem
  • Runnin feat. Shanell aka SNL
  • One Way Trip feat. Kevin Rudolf
  • Knockout feat. Nicki Minaj
  • The Price Is Wrong

It somehow seemed inevitable that Lil Wayne would try to make a rock album, given that he's been devoting more and more of his persona over to the idea that he is a "rock star" and been playing (and I use that word loosely) guitar as a part of his stage act.


So here's Rebirth, a full length "rock" album that features Lil Wayne singing (I use that term loosely as well) with an Auto-Tuner over rock riffs. Whether or not the album will come to be regarded as a idiosyncratic vanity project like 808's and Heartbreak is to be determined, but given first single "Prom Queen" that seems in doubt. 



Lil Wayne - Tha Carter 4 Paul Wall Fast Life

lil wayne is da best rapper alive he can do anything he wants and he still is good!!!!!!
gotta love him <33


[[PROM qUEEN]] !!
iT GO hARd


man lil wayne sucks!! hes so over rated!!
man he steals all his lyrics and the ones he dont other ppl write it for him
the WORST rapper alive
he aint nothing!!!


Get em' Weezy...He can get it no matter what he does


lil wayne rocks he is really the best there is no other


FuwK 'm WeezY Not that he's gone read this.
but issieus remain issieus doesnt matter how big they poessy iss let there mouths run and we'll tap it like profitt






thaTs right!! ,, he is the best!!

/site_media/uploads/images/users/prinzezasam890/LilWayne_Granitz_5322424.jpg prinzezasam890

he is the (self-acclaimed)best rapper, but theres a big difference between rap and rock...

big mon3y weezy

there's a difference between rap and rock!!!!! lil wayne is a RAPPER not a ROCKER!!!! i'm totally B.S'ed over this!!!!!


Axel Rose > Lil Wayne

/site_media/uploads/images/users/Banger/images-6jpg.jpg B/|nGerKat

T-Rock, raps better than this fool.


hes a relly gd rappper but nt a gd rocker but lilwayne is gonna be better but uptill now his rock songs suck no offense but if its in rap hell kill any rapper cuz hes the best

lil joker

I think he can do rock too i mean face it
Prom Queen Rocked I loved it and so did everyone else i showed it too weezy is AMAZING!!!


D'wayne Carter is tha best rapper alive
&& anybody who thinks different is wihh tha sh**

& wayne can make any kind of musik & its still gon say
ppl still gon be on it so face it


whoever subastian is is so stupid. wayne says s**t that no one else could even think of. example, "my game is skin deep like the first tatoo. i gets all in ya head jus like shampoo. i jus wanna f**k wit ya like rude polices, i dont want a broken heart b-cuz i'd loose the pieces. -Weezy, Wayne, best rapper alive...........


lil wayne is a flow poet, and he can always show it and not blow it


Wayne is a very versatile person. He already doin his thang in the rap game. I mean c'mon the dude is featured on just about every song you hear these days. Now he wants to get his feet wet in rock. So far the songs Prom Queen and Hot Revolver are blazin in my opinion. I mean you cant do anything to stop this man all he gon do is shut you up with another platinum CD. But unlike another people I am looking foward to buying The Rebirth and seeing where Weezy takes us in his world.

Dude on the block

all u foos that diss my man wayne are retarded he is the single best rapper alive and if u dont think so u dont know music and his rock album is gona kill any other album

best rapper and now the rockstar alive!!!!

Weezy mother f---kn baby

Lil Wayne
From best rapper alive...
To best rocker alive..!
Weezy F. Baby you can do anything you want dude,
Keep jammin'
You Da Best yo


I am lookin forward to the rebirth. i personally dont think that it will be as good or as successful as previous albums, but i think it will cause a craze for a while. i gotta give props to wayne for stepping out like this. not many would. i love lil wayne, no homo, hes my favorite, he is very versatile. and even if rock is something that doesnt do well with, even tho prom queen and hot revolver have, he can always fall back to rap. cuz thats what hes dope at... O and to sabastain, "Stop, hatin on a nigga, that is a weak emotion, yuh, the lady of a nigga" -Lil Wayne... you say that every one of his songs suck, ya, dont think so, in fact i really cant think of any of his songs that do suck, and i dont think someone could sweep the grammys with songs that suck. damn you just contradicted yourself... dont you feel dumb. thats all i got to s**t up on that. weezy, keep doin what you doin. stay smart. wreck it out there on the rebirth. make it go big. knowin you... you will. dueces.


sebastian is a straight up RETARD. Wayne's the most unique rapper alive and already has became the best rapper. Everything he says is unique and every song he is a part of frickin rocks. so sebastian u suck shut up and go listen to your Elton John style music.

a true rap fan

sum of his sawngz are good sum arent i like prom queen n im not human


he fell off! he was hot but over the years hes becoming trash


this nigga is hot


lil waynes that ship... screw all the haters talkin ship bout him...


i love wayne he god, i cant wait till this album drops.
check out this bootleg mitxtape ive put together over @

DJ Cloud 9

prom queen iz the best rockstar song out right now thats ma opinion so fall bak haterz


i love wayne he god, i cant wait till this album drops.
check out this bootleg mitxtape ive put together over @

DJ Cloud 9: Tha Carter 3 Rebirth Bootleg Leak 2

01. Lil Wayne - (The ReBirth) - Like A Revolver.mp3
02. Lil Wayne - (The ReBirth) - Prom Queen.mp3
03. Lil Wayne - (The ReBirth) - Im Not Human.mp3
04. Lil Wayne - (The ReBirth) - She Wants Me.mp3
05. Lil Wayne - (The ReBirth) - I Am.mp3
06. Lil Wayne - (The ReBirth) - Loser (Remix).mp3
07. Lil Wayne - (The ReBirth) - I AM ROCKER.mp3
08. Lil Wayne - (The ReBirth) - I Feel Me.mp3
09. Lil Wayne - (The ReBirth) - Hello World.mp3
10. Lil Wayne - (The ReBirth) - Yeahhh.mp3
11. Lil Wayne - (The Rebirth) - Let It Rock.mp3
12. Lil Wayne - (The ReBirth) - Spit Feat Kevin Rudolf.mp3
13. Lil Wayne - (The ReBirth) - Destruction.mp3
14. Lil Wayne - (The ReBirth) - Around The Way Girl.mp3
15. Lil Wayne - (The Rebirth) - Amazing Love.mp3
16. Lil Wayne - (The ReBirth) - Rock Star.mp3
17. Lil Wayne - (The ReBirth) - Im A Monster.mp3
18. Lil Wayne - (The ReBirth) - Skulls & Bones.mp3
19. Lil Wayne - (The Rebirth) - In The Morning.mp3
20. Lil Wayne - (The ReBirth) - Brand New Money WORLD PREMIER FIRE.mp3
21. Lil Wayne - (The Rebirth) - Young Money.mp3

DJ Cloud 9

sorry he the correct link

DJ Cloud 9

No doubt Wayne is the best RAPPER....but ROCK effin way.


STOP hating!!!! Haters don't be mad that wayne is the FIRST rapper to think (and be SMART) about doing rock too!!! WAYNE is the best!!! rapper AND rocker.


sabastian your are an idiot everyone knows he is just about the best maybe your just jealous of his success because he is so good he can do any kind of music and still be good


he's supposedly the best rapper alive why wouldnt he stick to that?


Listen up anyone who says weezy cant rock is wrong maybe he was good at rapping but everyone needs a break from certain things for a while so he wanted to do something different and maybe get more fans in a different genre so what that doesn't make him any different in my eyes he is still good just got tired of his rapping success and wanted to try something different everyone give him a hand because his rock is good music too


get off lil wanyes nutz,,,,,,,,he is not all that,,,,,,,,,,,he has fell off,,,,prom queen is bs

/site_media/uploads/images/users/prefix/no-user-pic.gif meoshad2

lil wayne da sh!t yall nigas stop dik eatin

/site_media/uploads/images/users/prefix/no-user-pic.gif thelover94

I happen to enjoy eating dik.

/site_media/uploads/images/users/thestorfer/1202393jpeg.jpeg andross

lil wayne is da bomb....
hes so AWESOME!!
cant wait till the album comes out!


i freakin love lil wayne and i hate rock music but he makes it sound so much better!!! and so far i love his new songs prom queen and hot revolver is the ishh!!


My favorite song off the album is ground zero feat (tyga) nice song


Man Weezy tight and all that but he isn't even half the rapper Eminem is. You wanna talk bout sick rhymes and ill flows? Check out Eminem. END OF STORY PERIOD.


sorry lil wayne but there a new fish in town and im callin you out

Jamil Aka Eros

love how none of the wayne lovers are literate. nice spelling, losers


What the f**k you boys talking about? u know wazzy the best


lil wayne is the BEST rapper out there no doubt
f--k the haters they're all jealous
he can do whatever he wants and will always be amazing
because he is multi-talented..............

LIL WAYNE IS A LEGEND. end of story.


woooow HATERS! wezzys gunna do his thing and its gunna be better then nething yall cood ever do, so stfu an also if no one ever changed then we as ppl wood never progress! hes gunna change the meaning of rock into his own thing and ppl are gunna love it so quit hateing on him! i like rock and rap and to me putting them together is great.

paige babi

HATERZ get out cuz D.M.C is back


mehn weezy is a killa machine...dt dude iz rap insane...

/site_media/uploads/images/users/prefix/no-user-pic.gif homeboy

every single ive heard from this album sucks. this is such a stupid album. lil wayne can rap all he wants he wants, but he cant sing. stick to your rap. this albums gonna blow


Lil wayne is an amazing rap and tallented artsist. At first I wasn't sure about his rock choice (personally I love rock so I can critique it very well) but after I heard "Prom Queen", and "Hot Revolver", I was impressed and thrilled.


Whoa, I'm reading these comments all I hear is RAPRAPRAP. This is a ROCK album. Comment for what it is.....a piece of crap rock album.

RGC Decadence

lil wayne is so hott i could do him in a heart beat no joke i always dream of him every night

wayne lover

I love lil wayne!!!! i am a big fan of him!!! he can do what ever he want to do!! so yall need to put hating on him!!!! that is my baby!! i love u weezy!!!


damn this track is goin to b hot. kinda mad that ground zero and fix my hat isnt on the track.


when does rebirth come out!!?


anyone who says they dont like wayne is only sayin it cuz they wanna be a nonconformist... lil wayne is the **** anyway you look at, and no matter what any of his haters say he's always gonna shine...


lil wayne made it this far on his talent and pain so f**k all you niggahs that think he aint up.. bet yall still bang his shyt. if he was wack he would have never been named the BEST RAPPER ALIVE so if he was rock im behind him all the way f**k yall mean yall just some hating ass bitches

wayne lover

why you haten on him he got stacks and one thing for damn sure you can out freestly the king of freestly so stop talking sh*t you know you like his stuff and ones not hate yal feel what im saying


Okay, it is now August 18th(supposively the release date). I have been waiting a long time for this album... WHERE IS IT!?!?

still no rebirth...


/site_media/uploads/images/users/SelfMade/Beyonce-Knowles-sb26.jpg SelfMade

hey yo sibastian shut da hell up you stay hatin. so who do you think is da best. oh your prob say 50 or dr. dre. well i like dem 2 but dey ain't on lil weezy's level. cuz he is da best rapper alive in the game 2day. even if he stops 4 a while he gonna come right bakk harder nd fresher den ever jst like jay-z did


thats my nigga i know he gone go hard on what eva and who ever

ant dog

wow who ever wrote this needs to really stop hatin on Lil Wayne i didnt think you could do that in journalism but whatever. Thats cool though, i really enjoyed some of the tracks on here, the guy that wrote this most likely doesnt even listen to rap or hip hop in the first place, hey! expand your mind! get off Aerosmiths ass.

Elliott Shoemaker

Anyone that rip's on Wayne is just jealous of his success.
end of story.


he shor is da best rapper alive he is only rapper that got sum sick ya'll stop bein haters on ma boy

yo momma

look look i aing guna front lil wayne got the best flow wen it cums 2 talkin bout money an sex but in reality ive heard his rock songs an they aint all that great hees ok not horible i mean stop hatin on mah nigga but hes ok he just needs to get the hang of rock. but honestly i think he should concentrate on his rap career a bit more.


wayne is sick that prom queen single is hot!an that hot revolver track is good too!!!i think this is gunna be another hot seller for tha best rapper alive!!!


sabastian is mentally stupid. Lil cant possibly steal other rappers sht and he dont have ppl write his sht 4 him. Wayne quit writtin music a long time ago. Whatever he does comes straight off the top of his head when hes in the studio. That takes a real rapper to do that and always make it sound good. And fuk any1 who thinks Wayne sucks! Hes simply the best and if u dont think so, its cus ur jealous that ur favorite singer/rapper aint as good as him. And his new album is already gettin a lot of attention from ppl. So, if its gonna suck then y is everyone talkin so much about how its gonna b awesome? And it is awesome. Not every song on it is the best in the world. But most of em r killer


Man lil wayne da truth and aint nobody gon stop him..

Codiene King

i love lil wayne so much that i made a rap about him:

He crawled inches from his life
betcha he didnt think twice
when he touched that gun
thats when trouble begun
young money cant die
he's like hancock
he'll turn yah beef into hamhock
so let him put his gloves on
and let him put his scrubs on
growing up in new orleans
he didnt lean
he gotta swagga like us
don't leave him in da dust
clappin his hands in yah bitch
always gotta itch his dick
is sick
he wants yah pussy bitch
so show him that yah pussy wet
freakin every girl in tha world
betta hope you tha finest bitch in the world
don't shoot him down
cuz he need to be around
yah know who im talkin bout?
if yah don't you betta pull out
im talking bout weezy baby
yah still don't know
im bout to lose control
ay, weezy phone home
phone home mr.carter
ay, mr. carter phone home!
breezy F. baby wants to show yah
that weezy aint gonna throw yah
its young money!
hope yah pussy like honey
cuz if it aint
yah aint gettin my money
ya underdig what in sayin?
so please tell me whats up
weezy jeezy breezy???
best rapper alive
best crapper alive
can we go to yah hive?
i will give yah five
hundred thousand
nah, i am playin
what was i sayin?
oh yeah
hello weezy
im breezy
i aint eezy
i aint sleezy
whats good
can we go to yah hood?
im yah number one fan
hold up i don't pop exelan!
now its time for me to go
and when i am back i will let cha'll know
*itx young breezy baby*

i love you so much weezy i would do ANYTHING to meet you and spit my shuff to yah i looooove ALL of your music and it seems like every song has a story BEHIND THE MUSIC i love you and i cant say that enough

itx young breezy baby

Young Breezy Baby

eminem is better


weazy ma boi..!!! numba wun fan!!! ya deiggg!!!! rip any nikkah up.!!!
killem ma daug!!!!!!


that right he is the best that you better recognize


i am a EXTREME metal head and if you ever hear me listen to rap its not often, and even i think this album is a great album. i mean at first i didnt think that he could pull it off but sure enough he did and i think that if he wants to make a rock album let him dont judge just him just because he wants to see where his talent will go. he is just like every other artist out there trying to make his way in life.


Anything that Wayne makes is ill. Rock or Rap


Whateva Hatas lil Waynes the best rapper in the south! Yall just mad cuz ya cant think like him. HATERS! MUCH LOVE.


hey devil......where did you find this album? I cant find it anywhere......please help me


no ceilings mutha fukas


Maybe comments would be considered more credible if the words were spelled correctly. Just a thought.

But if anyone is really going to call Lil' Wayne the greatest rapper ever, they need to take Jay-Z into consideration. Honestly.

Not saying that Lil' Wayne is completely terrible, he is just constantly strung out and one of the most conceited artists in hip hop, next to Kanye West of course.

Behind all of the simply simple guitar that Lil' Wayne may or may not play and behind all of the simply simple lyrics that he may or may not write, you just get this super high guy with charisma and a beat.


yeah i love eminem


Anyone who states that Lil Wayne is the worst rapper or sucks at what he does doesn't know anything!!! And to all the people who say this, why don't you just go worry about yourself and have fun trying to find a way buying your next roll of toilet paper!! Whether you think he steals his lyrics or not (which he doesn't) or if you just think he plain sucks, then think about this, for someone who sucks he sure has an awful lot of fans, people that faithfully buy his records, go to his concerts, follow his career! He also has more money than every person in this world who hates him combined! So I think that right their should be a message to all the people who dislike him, he doesn't care bc he still has more bank than all ya'll combined!!! He has more awards than all ya'll combined!! And no you can't count your 6th grade spelling bee award towards that! Get real and leave the man alone! If you dont like him, then dont listen to him!! Duhhh! If you don't like him then why are you even wasting your time on this page? B/c you are ashamed to actually admit you do like him and the real reason your on this page is to download his new track list from the Rebirth! Just come out the closet and tell the world you love Lil Wayne!! If you truly don't like him then stop visiting sites about him! lol...people...

Weezy Is The Best!!!

hehe...."loosely" :D


yhyhhhhh looks sik man


lil' wayne, hot rapper. of course he is! Lil' wayne, hot rocker. Well just have to see now won't we. I've got the scoop on "Prom Queen" and "Hot Revolver", personally i loved the two songs, they were jammin'. Now for the people hating on him. Come on be more mature than that. If you listen to him that's cool and if you dont thats cool too, wether you diss him or not you aren't his level, he cant hear or see your comments, he's too busy making his money...weezy's a hard stay-true rapper...he's my to give this dude his due


Kid Cudi got em all beat......and he don't do all the drugs wayne does to come up with sh-t.... wayne used to be real Hot... but he fell off bad... drugs got his mind gone




Rocked my world ...

Purple H3art ;)

See thats what pisses me off, is that most people are basing their opinions on lil wayne doing Rock from the stuff & success hes achieved in the Rap genre, NOT by his Skills as a "Rock" musician, which he doesnt have much of, He cant Sing(hence the over use of digital effects & live shows) & he also isnt good the guitar or any other instruments. Hell, I know kids/teenagers(including me) that are better than he is at the guitar &/or other instruments. Yes, lil wayne is an alright RAPPER, but hes just not Good at Rock, yet. Different genres take/require different skills/techniques.

And the whole crossover/fusion of Hip-Hop & Rock has been going on for the past 25 years, its nothing New or unheard of & it has been done much better than this! Look at Run-DMC, Beastie Boys, Cypress Hill, Rage Against The Machine, Body Count, Linkin Park, One Day As A Lion and many more. Theres also been a crap load of collaborations between Hip-Hop artists/groups & Rock bands too.

/site_media/uploads/images/users/prefix/no-user-pic.gif drummer2112

See, this is what pisses me off, is that MOST people are basing their opinions on lil wayne doing Rock from the stuff & success hes achieved in the Rap genre, NOT by his Skills as a "Rock" musician, which he doesnt have much of, He cant Sing(hence the over use of digital effects & live shows) & he also isnt good the guitar or any other instruments, Hell I know kids/teenagers(including me) that are better than lil Wayne is at guitar &/or other instruments. Yes lil Wayne is an alright RAPPER, but he just isnt Good at Rock, yet. Different genres take/require different skills/techniques.
And also the whole crossover/fusion of Hip-Hop & Rock has been going on for the past 25 years, its nothing NEW or unheard of & it has been done much better than this! Look at Run-DMC, Beastie Boys, Cypress Hill, Rage Against The Machine, Body Count, Linkin Park, One Day As A Lion and many more. Theres also been a crap load of collaborations between Hip-Hop artists/groups & Rock bands.


wayne, you tha iiss...i wanna be a young money


i bet when the rebirth hits the streets all these haters going to be feelin that sh!t.. nigga dont even get the meaning of his "rock album" it aint going to be no korn type sh!t, just a lot more guitar, and real drums.. not just some bullsh!t ass beat machine!!! you F ucking idiots!


Anybody got a link to rebirth yet?

Trap Star

************Lil Wayne's REBIRTH has been leaked *******************



download it



Auto tune and rock . . . . combined? dude are u fkin serious? stick to rapping. cds before the carter . . . . cool the carter 2 amazing the carter 3 not as amazing but good. but this cd dawg? u serious?


ok this nigga is in no way better than lupe fiasco, lil wayne has no substance or nothing to rap about its dry as hell, he say the same s--t in diffent ways for his songs for real, and take lupe he has a concept behind each track on both of his albums even on his mixtapes they build on it even more but wayne is jus a recycle rapper same s--t different song.


wtf how can you go from that carter 3 to this? best rapper alive ? i dont think so he's not even rapping so get off weezy dick people slated 50 bisd i cant see this being any better at least 50 was rapping as far as the best rapper alive i hate to say jay z wayne for f**k sake you got skills you them you retard and rap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Ok, for you dumbasses, Wayne doesn't write his lyrics stupid! Second, since he freestyles, listen to the punchlines, tell me he isnt one of the best rappers alive, I'm not sure if he's the best.

The Prestige?

this album straight up SUCKS!!! this is a rock album that sucks for rocker fans and sucks for hip hop fans. 3 songs can pass in this album. maybe he will get better when he comes out of jail.


Regardless of whether it's good or not everybody's still gonna buy it cuz it's WEEZY and that's all that matters!!!!


LIL WAYNE the best rapper?

Have any of you actually heard his new album?

1. Lyrics are elementary
2. Auto tune over used (ON EVERY TRACK!)
3. Rock and Roll?
4. Doesn't even have a flow
5. Full of himself


he needs to stick to rap, he sounds like a coke head in some of these songs.


Frank your an idiot... how can you have your argument bout him not being the best rapper based on his rock album? 2 completely different genres retard


i effin love the sheeeit out of lil' wayne <3333
screw all you haters. you're just jealous.

he's the best !


listen up. yall are all on his nuts so hard its embarassing. yalls moms would be ashamed. ive listen to his whole album and its terrible (rebirth). this is just as bad as tibmbaland doing a song with mylie cyrus. listen to it because lil wayne is not the best rapper. you cant say someone is the best when their lyrics are not their own. get me some hand sanitizer for the haters.


Eminem and Lil Wayne are the two best rappers alive, but Eminem is still better without a doubt. Both are in a league of their own. The best verse on the whole album comes from Eminem, but Weezy did good. The album is okay, but too much auto tune for me. I give it a 7.5 out ten.


weezy needs to stick with rap his rock album the rebirth is prolly the gayest album ive ever heard. the songs suck. (most of them)


my favorite music is rap and my second favorite is rock.
so my favorite rapper singing rock is pretty awesome.


they be like lil wayne dha bestes,my fav song is bed rock:)can't beleive he had to get his hair cut that piss me the fckk off,damn.

Raven, :)

Lil Wayne is the best rapper because anything he does makes it to number one, so i dunno how you can say he're probably just jealous because you'll never be anything like him. Plus he is one sexy motha trucka with a sexy ass voice. And everyone get a clue because your right he doesnt write his own raps...he f*ckin freestyles them all and never writes anything down. Lil Waynes a rapper DUH! he's not trying to become a rockstar, hes just trying to do something different for once instead of the same ol' thing like every other rapper. And dont hate on him for smokin weed, all the people who bag on it obviously havent tried it and you should because its F*UCKIN amazing


you guys a f*cking morons, everybody bitched about the lil wayne rebirth. do you jackasses relieze that he has came out with over hundreds since the release of the rebirth date. the we are young money album, tons of singles that not many people know about, They are all FIRE. The rock thing was just done for the fake weezy fans, all his mixtapes, they are him. listen to we are young money album, songs like scared money, bitches wanna, all 4 you, 4 my town, drop it low. all new, all fire, you jack of all asses


lil wayne is the truth bra on my moma he the only rapper i listen to andim hisnumber one fan go get that new rebirth album


Lil WaYnE ix HeL4 RaW!!!!! nO HoMo


you have no idea wat this guy has done wit this album, he actually mixes rap with rock, thats like mixing milk with orange juice, but this legend done it, and it tastes good. you have to listen to 'drop the world' i guarantee you will be impressed and fall in love wit da album. he really does pik the world up and drop it on the haters


lil wayne did not steal his lyrics from someone else i kno everything about him...he doesnt even write the raps down he thinks of his raps as he goes through the music...he truley is the best rapper alive and this is comeing from a white kid!!!!


lil wayne is ma idol he is da b3$t rapper alive n i think he should jus keep rappin n not start been rock its not him hes da best at bein who he is da best rapper alive nobody touchin him rappin he da greatest jus keep rappin dont do rock its not yu but yu alwys gunna be ma idol no matter wht


meek will trash lil wayne...
no body trappin harder then meek..philly all daiiiiiiii
meek will kill a nigggga..

rapper star

Ok I personally think he is da best. If u disagree listen to no ceilings mixtape. Examples: ur flow Neva wet like grandma pu$$y and um always good like grandmas cookies... I make my girl cum first the I arrive later... My swagg so high I need a ad for it n I don't like to brag so my bit(hes brag for me.....I'll bring you to ur front door like you ordered me... Your flow sick my shid dead... I beat dat pu$$y micro-soft like windows vista....this shid so so good it don't even smell bad...weezy f baby the F is not not for failing, swaaga so dumb call it Sarah palin... I beat the beat like anamay....and the girl thT gave me head could suck the nails out her casket....she gave me brain until I knew enough... I took a niggas bit(h she rode my dick like she cycling, now she can't walk, run or jump, like white men.... Etc. Point blank he da best rapper can't nobody touch him and niicki minaj is right behind him as the best female. Rapper. Drake behind lil Wayne so can't touch dem.

Da truth

lil wayne is gay n definitely the worst rapper alive!!!!!!!!!!!eminem is truely the best


i love how these geniuses post these lyrics full of fail on here when he doesn't even write half his sh*t. If Lil Wayne is the best rapper alive, then Nas was right when he said Hip Hop was dead. If you don't know who Nas is, then you can call yourself a fan of main stream pop, which is completely different and is what gives hip hop a bad name. I respect the guy for his talent, but he isn't a hip hop artist. He hawks sex and is a narcissist.
At any rate, Rebirth pretty much sucked. I'm Lil Wayne's fans who shouldn't even have a musical opinion because they'll listen to anything with these so called "dope" lyrics when it's pretty obvious that Lupe Fiasco, Common, Nas, sh*t even Kid Cudi sh*t on him. Rebirth in essence is punk rock, meaning that the guitar will hurt your ears if you're not careful with the volume and it doesn't require too many years of "playing guitar". Prom Queen was good, Da Da Da was good too, so was Drop The World and One Way Trip, but he played bass in Da Da Da (if you don't know the difference, click the little x)the guitar felt like it was on "easy" in Guitar Hero for pretty much the whole album, Travis Barker and Kevin Rudolph drove One Way Trip, and honestly, Eminem murdered him on Drop The World, then again Eminem is ONE of the best rappers alive. Claiming one person is the best is so amazingly ignorant considering you havn't heard ALL the rappers on planet earth, it's no wonder people blame hip hop for lower test scores. Funny this is, this isn't even hip hop anymore. It's pretty mediocre rock music, and the singing is absolutely painful. What he needs to do is spend way more time on the guitar, never EVER sing like that again and just keep rapping, and get more into Nu Metal, which is basically like Linkin Park, P.O.D., yadda yadda. All of this was my extremely lengthy opinion, and I stand by it.

Real Hip Hop

weezy f baby.....
love yah laods.....mmwwaahh.....

slim pac


Lil' Wayne

lil weezy is tha best baby----------bang bang


lil wanye is the best rapper alive if u dont like him dont listen 2 none of his music. tupac is the best of all time but weezy is the best rapper alive


i like lil wayne i think he is an amazing rapper....
but to me in my opion he only has one good song on his new record and thats drop the world that song is so awesome....the rest of his songs sound like hes switchin from rap to he wants to he a rockstar now....idk they are just not as good as all his old music


Lil Wayne is gay anyway I mean come on he kisses Baby on the damn mouth he's flooded the market with this bull$hit autotune wanna be T-Pain $hit he's no rocker he can only play 3 chords on the guitar. Until he drops that stupid autotune junk he will not even be a contender for best rapper.


Why people dont like this album is cuz they think that it is not right for a rapper to rock . I personally think , this is the best album ever released in this whole wide world. One reason why people should not review this album is because its not even released. Mack Maine stated that the album which would be released in feb , would have different tracks than of the one accidentally distributed by Why else would they even delay the album ....

Best rapper alive turns into best rock star alive in this album . It would be a must buy .



I think its funny that everyone tends to hate the BEST and i dont matter what those people say everyone else thinks hes the best i could go on for day on this subject but every one who hates on him knows he the best to " who am i ? THE BEST RAPPER ALIVE"


I like lilwayne but DRAKE ROCKS HARDER

Lil D

lil wayne sucks...everything he does is so majorly autotuned it is funny.
"my game is skin deep like the first tatoo. i gets all in ya head jus like shampoo. i jus wanna f**k wit ya like rude polices, i dont want a broken heart b-cuz i'd loose the pieces"

Yeah thats really deep. the fact that this man is considered good music shows how crappy music is today."


lil wayne sucks at rock he sould stick to rap.. cuz you cant rap rock it just dont work

you no

for tha first peson dat comment bytsh dont say nutthin or less it is sumthing gudd yhu dumb ass bytsh..and LIL WAYNE is tha best


Yeah my homeboi is doing it big !...

Don Mighty

ever since his rock crap waynes gone bad. other than no ceilings, hes lost it. idk what hes tryin to do, hes wasting all the talent hes got.


Lil Wayne was interviewed and said this isn't a "rock" album. He said people start hearin the guitar, and the bass, and the drums, and they start thinkin it's rock, but all he's doin is makin good music.


'best rapper alive'... people seem to forget eminem, jay-z, nas, dre, nelly, kurupt, red, method, and snoop are all still alive

ben moore

Wat da f...k k!nda nam3 is dod ...wat ....did u just say eminem is better i mean i luv him but no-one is betta den weezy and all u other haters can kiss me and waynes a.s cuz its 2010 b...hes stop hating

Weezyz gurl

I like lil wayne don't get me wrong, but everything's not for everybody..i like his old albums when he was spitting some real ish..this rock transition is just not working for me with him..I know he got some true diehard fans but I can have a got damn opinion and I don't care who likes it..Im not hating its just how i feel!! If i wanted to hear rock i would have went out and bought 3 doors down or Nickelback or some ish!! I will always like lil weezy but im just not feeling some of these songs on this album..


i love lil waynes music. with that said, i think rebirth should have been named abortion! this album is the worst hunk of shiz with a z i have ever herd. im using it as a beer coaster right now


First off, most of you need some spelling and grammar lessons, I damn near got a translator before realizing all the posts are in English. Second, lil wayne is barely a rapper and definitely not a rocker, he is a pop artist. Some of his mixtapes are alright, but this and his other mainstream albums suck.
Rebirth is filled with cliche sounding riffs from bad, radio friendly "rock." Everything is ProTooled up the arse and still sounds like crap. Its a bad excuse for bad rock. In fact, don't compare this to anything rock, it is an insult to the genre. Besides, real rock is long dead, and if it does exists, its nowhere near the radio.


We r back again lil weezy

Young Mula

this album is horrible. worst thing to ever be played in my car


so i havent even heard this yet but i will say, for those that think that wayne is "transitioning" into rock, ur saying that hes not gonna rap again? lol u must wear a helmet. idc if this album is good or bad, he is my favorite "artist" not rapper or rocker. btw why do ppl have to type LiKe ThIs? i mean come on, ur wasting ur time and mine. and for those who say that wayne isnt the best rapper alive cuz eminem, jay-z, nas, dre, nelly, kurupt, red, method, and snoop are still around, thats stupid, when ppl say "hes the best rapper alive," they dont mean that he will be the best rapper alive when he is 80 because the others i mentioned are all dead and the new guys that are selling crazy amounts of records arent the best alive cuz he is still around and he was good some 60 years ago, they mean he is the best rapper as of right now. i mean snoop and jay put out some nice albums but they werent as big as ha carter III i dont here ppl around school talking about the new snoop cd, no matter how good it is, he is pretty much old news now, for us young folks... i could go on and on. all i gotta say is, go weezy do ur thing, no matter what is, ur the best "artist" alive, (to me)

Weezy F Baby

I wanted to kill myself when i heard this albulm. I opened it up played it took it out and i never wanna hear it again.


Rebirth is really bad he should stick to rap. he sounds horrible on rebirth he is just yelling and squeaking on every song i cant even understand him.

yabba dabba doo

rebirth sucks


still nasty!


WAYNE IS THE BEST ... :) AND IM JUST ANOTHER FAN LIKE YOU :) I love him till I DIE. WEEZAY.. imna miss you come back from JAIL ASAP... and take good care.. WE ALL LOVE YA!
and rebirth was awesome.. im getting one tmrw!


idc what lil wayne does.hes da kingggggg!!!!
dont b hatin.....and he is the hawtest man alive.I LOVE YOU LIL WAYNE: )


idc bout if lil wayne goes rock er nawt.hes is da king, and hes f***ing hawwwtttt.ill love em no matta what he does.


I fkn love him. I have his name tatted on me! Dwayne Michael Carter Jr ( :


Lilwayne song is so good. My boyfriend he is a big fan of your music he have posters and tshirt and books and all the cd he love you so much. He was wondering if maybe one day he can meet you he is disable in the wheelchair and it is hard to get around and he want to meet you so bad so please hit me up please thanks.

princess christopher

I Love lilwayne music he is the best rapper alive. He make alot of music and my boyfriend he is the biggerst fan mail he have everything of yours he have cds and tshirts and other things that you have so please one day he would love to meet you so much my boyfriend is in the wheelchair and he want to meet you he is your biggest fan so please write back comment or he would be so happy to meet you.


Karly- WOW, tatted up wayne's name? hahahaha u must be one hurting broad
his mixtapes are hott but rebirth is ****


I like Lil Wayne as a rapper not a Rock Star. This Cd was so wack I cant believe I paid for this shi**y album. At least Eminem saved him on the one and only song I liked. F*k what anyone has to say this album SUCKKKKKed

/site_media/uploads/images/users/prefix/no-user-pic.gif santaliz1

lil wayne is da best rapper alive and he is has changed hip hop in a way that nobody could ever done in da history of hip hop.he has taken hip hop to anada level with his crew young money cash money ya dig.i love dat guy very much and i like da way he laughs and talk,damn dat man is good.weezy f baby u da best

junior matsolo

@DILLADONUTS you're kind of an ignorant dick. I'm quite certain your spelling skills aren't exactly stellar so quit being so f*****g condescending. I'm a Wayne lover and i can spell, so you can suck a fat one =D.

But I digress,
I overall liked rebirth, granted tracks like Get a Life, Ground Zero, and The Price Is Wrong were sort of awkward and not well thought out, he should probably dabble in this rock thing a little longer before putting tracks out. But it was an overall good album.
Lil Wayne is amazing, seriously. He's hella talented almost every song he touches is gold.
It was a bit shocking at first, you're used to him being hard as hell and then he goes all pop-punk, but give each song two listens, let the shock wear off before you judge and you'll find that it's actually pretty f*****g good. There's no saving the aforementioned songs though xD.


weezy is the best, all yall haters stfu cause you just hatin on what u niggas cant doo !


Dis album if F-ing T----RRRRAAAAAAASSSSSHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Derz only 2 good songs on it and one is because Eminem is featured. Lil Wayne should stick to his original style and not pretend to be some gay ass rock-rapper. This album is almost as bad as 50Cent's new album....


dis album go hard im tellin u if wayne become a rock artest too he would still b killin da game hands down and yaw haters need to get off his nuts and lets see u come out with a album dats as cold as dis one wayne is too cold


Era cantor de rap agora está cantando rock seu fdp Lil Wayne nunca foi um bom cantor de rap a unica musica dele q estorou foi a loli pop deve ser por isso q esse lixo começou a cantar rock uma bosta mesmo esse maluco nunca gostei desse lixo foda-se Lil Wayne


yah dis you boi shadow and i think wayne be killn it when he spits! i rap 2! yo check it: my name is shadow, i win every rap battle and i'll kick yo azz like a paddle. im biger than big pimpin, im bigger than jayz. he got the name of the record off of me!


this album is a super fail i heard it on my friends i pod ... i cant stand lil waynes bulls**t lyrics and there really isnt any guitar in this album he probly got the guitar sounds off the computer and tried to credit himself 4 playin guitar.....LIL WAYNE IS NOT HIP HOP HIS LYRICS DONT MEAN S**T rap got so gay i turned to heavy metal

tony g

im 16... and this generation of rap is so gay not one new rapper even flows nowadays.LIL WAYNE IS OVERRATED AND BLOWS YOUNG JEEZY SUCKS KANYE SUKS EVRY NEW RAPPER SUCKS AND LIKE I SED B4 I TURNED TO HEAVY METAL CUZ RAP SUCKS NOW....

tony g

Hi dog!!!
Poo Sheat!!! Wayne! You´re very good with MIC... I trace u man!!!

who like feel, and i feel what u have boy.... One

Table Kellyou

As a rock album, this album is awful...just plain awful...not as bad as when Garth Brooks tried to do a rock album, but this is no Body Count. This album is full of infantile rifts and chords, lacks real rock rhythm and uses way too much synth to be even remotely considered rock.

Jay Tee

U know what, i have to admit, lil wayne isn't that bad, (at rap) considering that i don't really like rap, but i think he shouldn't of done rock at all. He's just trying to boost his fame and popularity but he needs to stick with what he's good at, if you can call constantly using voice synths and crappy beats good.


i will admit that lil wayne is the sh*t but some of his rock sucks ass theres only really 2 good ones and that prom queen and american star


A few good songz but I reckon he should stick to rap! Love the one with Eminem


y0 wayne izz the best rapper alive 2nd best.
biggie at the top, no 2pac
because of him im going 2 stop jerkin wen he gets free cuzz he going 2 come out with the hardest knockz ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jerk kid tayy

Oh man, I have a lot to say. I've read the comments people say about him and The one's that have no point to it what so ever shouldnt really talk because Lil Wayne is Probably the best ever. Weather you think he's music sucks or not he's still got it and people love him.
If your just going to sit there and critezise him then screw off and dont say anything AT ALL. yeah? It's called having a life and wasting your time on calling him names. I'm pretty sure he's done and will do a lot more then you haters, Just remember that :) Not only am I sticking up for him because He's The best rapper to live, but Because he's also my Idol and I listen to him everyday. I'm in love with this guy nobody can do it like Mr Wayne.


Its funny this new album is gonna be hot... And he didnt even write a quarter of the album


I really think the album is hot real talk and as for the song on fire come on these white boys can't touch


def not best rapper alive i dnt know y people keep saying that when he doesnt even write his lyrics anymore since "the drought is over".. ghost writerrr.. album is trash sound like crap

lil wayne?

my nigga is live from the 504 and he is dawgin out these niggas. weezy f baby just keep doin yo thang bra everything go hard. me and my football team get crunk to yo songs every game.

jalen jeffery

the rebirth is smply the bst...


like knockout a lot....nicki minaj rocks


hey lil wayne you are the shut okay come here to mamar my pine hahaha sendo fag kara de paloma!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

lil flako

lil wayne sucks, worst rapper alive


Lil Wayne is da BEST RAPPER ALIVE, done deal. U can give weezy a Nursey Rhyme and he can make u a HOT track. So this is for rodger and everyone else stop hatin on da man. Sounds like jealously 2 me, lol......



Tyren Hairston

Yo I love lil weezy and all you haterz shuld QUIT doubting his skills. Check out ma site


His song "Knockout" is great.
Nikki Minaj kills iiiiit:)
They sound great together, awesome song.

Lyndsye mofreakin Hagood


jewels :)

The album has some cool tracks. I give Lil Wayne props for trying something so different. Can't wait to see what's next for him.




lil wayne is da best rapper for now but not dis year he fuked eminem fuked him up wit his new album he works his ass he got pinned down


idkk wahh thee **** you talkinq about lil the BEST and always will bee !


melhor rapper de todos os tempos. sem duvida uma lenda do hip hop. adoro ele


amo o movo album do lil wayne. so tua fa weezy es o best rapper alive e adorot. a tua makes me crazy


Idk i honestly didnt like his rock song n gave them a 2nd chance cuz lil wayne is my favorite rapper n now i love da rebirth album hahaha


I'm just saying, it doesn't exactly help an intellectual's opinion of a musician when nearly every person that supports said musician is too retarded to form a proper sentence, let alone thought. I personally think that Lil' Wayne is about as retarded as it gets- there is no sign of any grasp on the english language. If I wanted, I could put out a rap record that both sounds better and makes more sense than any of his s--t by using my flatulence. If you ever want to be taken seriously, for the love of whatever the f--k you believe in (or don't believe in), don't post s--t like this: LiL WAyNE KiLLiN All yEW SOft ASS
[[PROM qUEEN]] !!
iT GO hARd
This person has to have an IQ just barely within the range of hitting successive keys on his or her keyboard in order to form such a retarded comment. Other great examples are as follows: y0 wayne izz the best rapper alive 2nd best.
biggie at the top, no 2pac
because of him im going 2 stop jerkin wen he gets free cuzz he going 2 come out with the hardest knockz ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

March 18, 2010 at 9:24 p.m.Lizzie Oh man, I have a lot to say. I've read the comments people say about him and The one's that have no point to it what so ever shouldnt really talk because Lil Wayne is Probably the best ever. Weather you think he's music sucks or not he's still got it and people love him.
If your just going to sit there and critezise him then screw off and dont say anything AT ALL. yeah? It's called having a life and wasting your time on calling him names. I'm pretty sure he's done and will do a lot more then you haters, Just remember that :) Not only am I sticking up for him because He's The best rapper to live, but Because he's also my Idol and I listen to him everyday. I'm in love with this guy nobody can do it like Mr Wayne.

I agree. Nobody can do it like Mr. Bruce Wayne (I had to correct the title, not sorry) because he's f--king Batman you dumbass. Nobody can be a fictional super hero that is obsessed with vermin and lives in a cave. But regardless, use proper grammar. Maybe I would listen to this s--t if there was a single coherent thought in it that didn't involve using a double contraction or creating words just to rhyme.

Nigga hataszzzz34274

LILWAYNE IS TH JOINT MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


bruhh yu trippin yu the worst rapper alive hell yu talmbout BITCH!!! WORST THAT




First off, Ghetto Barbie. You need to just kill yourself. Not only because of your typing, but your defense of Lil Wayne. How is anything Lil Wayne does innovative or good? Or even original for that matter?? You Lil Wayne dickriders need to back the f--k off and open your eyes. This guy is a talentless jerkoff who will become nothing but a fad. For christ sake, he doesn't even sing. He uses autotune in damn near all his songs. MAKING HIM NO BETTER OR REAL THAN MILLI VANILLI.


Wow, I think its incredibly funny that people leave comments "diss-ing" Lil Wayne's album page yet there at this site looking at his album? Retarted.


ya i agree wit samantha!! get the fuk off his page



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