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  • Welcome Back
  • Dedication 3 feat. Mack Mane, Willie The Kid, Gudda Gudda
  • What Else Is There To Do
  • Dick Pleaser feat. Jae Millz
  • Ain’t I feat. Jae Millz
  • You Love Me You Hate Me
  • Bang Bang feat. Jae Millz, Gudda Gudda
  • The Other Side feat. La The Darkman, Jae Millz, Gudda Gudda
  • My Weezy feat. Shanell, Lil Twist & Tyga
  • A Dedication
  • She’s A Ryder feat. Gudda Gudda
  • Still I Rise feat. Nicki Manaj
  • Magic feat. Gudda Gudda
  • Do’s & Don’ts Of Young Money
  • Whoever You Like feat. Jae Millz & Gudda Gudda
  • That Was Easy
  • Get Bizzy feat. Gudda Gudda
  • I Got That Gangsta feat. La The Darkman & Willie The Kid
  • A Message To The DJ’s
  • Stuntin feat. Drake
  • Dedicated
  • Put On For The Game feat. Tyga & Gudda Gudda


Dedication 3 available now (Free Download) 

Download The Drought Is Over Pt. 6 (The Reincarnation) here.

Dedication 3 is the highly anticipated follow-up to DJ Drama and Lil Wayne's excellent 2006 collaboration, Dedication 2 (Gangsta Grillz), which launched Lil Wayne from marginal mainstream recognition to arguably the most vital MC in hip-hop today.

Dedication 3 is largely a posse record, with Lil Wayne relinquishing a lot of the control of the mike to the artists on his Young Money imprint like Jae Millz, Gudda Gudda, Drake, and Lil Twist, among others. Drama also used the opportunity to showcase his own roster of talent, as his artists Willie the Kid and La the Darkman get in on the action.

Wayne raps solo on five of the album's staggering 23 tracks, but mostly, this is an opportunity for him to show off his Young Money label, and to bank on the popularity of the Dedication series.

Dedication 3 might not be the last album Wayne has in store for everyone in 2008 however, he promised to re-release his latest LP, Tha Carter III, with entirely new songs sometime before Christmas.



Guns N' Roses - Chinese Democracy Night Horse The Dark Won't Hide You

where the hell can i download the whole thing i got like 7 tracks


I still haven't seen this today and it's 3:40P EST. Wonder when it's actually being released.

/site_media/uploads/images/users/daba/me-bermudajpg.jpg Daba

hell yea where is it. iv'e been waiting

slightly stoopid

he is the best rapper alive. dont get the sh!t twisted nigga....aint nobody coming close to this dude....

wheezy fan

Dedication 3 is not coming out on Gangsta Grillz Radio i heard Drama say it was all a prank to build more hype around him and wayne


I heard that Drama said it was all a prank


go to
and download it



/site_media/uploads/images/users/prefix/no-user-pic.gif dreese

where can u find the cd at? i cant find it!


yo this is the man fo sho sho u done it agian peace mann

lil weezle

Lil Wayne has came out with another hit with his ablums and even though it was leaked its still the best ever,he's killing over and over like Jason Vorohees, he's an unstoppable machine that'll never die, Lil Weezy is the BEST RAPPER ALIVE, i cant wait to read the verses, but the track names explains its self, dont it?!!!!!!


Where to find the mixtape not the download the actual cd!


lil wayne is a joke hes mad corny and anyone who listens to this clown is pathetic


dude... your a f-n retard if u think wayne is a joke....


F**k all yal who think wayne aint da best





lil wayne is the man i dont care what anyone says hes got more beats than anyone has out there so get over it your all jus jellous


lil wayne is just the best


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