Makossa and Megablast

    “Like a Rocket”/”Kunuaka”


    G Stone is one of the many electronic labels unfairly maligned in the dance world for being a safe, upscale-clothing-boutique knockoff of its founders — in this case, the great Kruder and Dorfmeister. Though too much of the label’s music does fit into this stereotype, groups such as the newly formed duo of Makossa and Megablast deserve better.


    These two songs, the stylish “Like a Rocket,” featuring vocalist Capitol A, and the Eastern-tinged “Kunuaka” with Subrinah, both use enough instrumental eccentricities to keep up the high-level energy necessary for darkly lit dance floors across Europe. Yes, both of these sides are hopelessly mired in late-’90s big-beat tones and structures, but this is undeniably good music, and a full-length from this Austrian duo would be a welcomed addition to G Stone’s underrated catalog.


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    Makossa and Megablast on G Stone’s Web site

    G Stone’s Web site

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