The Capitol Years

    Let Them Drink


    With a flammable concoction of all that is surly and furious about 1966�s pop music, the Capitol Years evoke the sleeping wake of the Yardbirds, the Standells and the sterling vocal match-up of Townsend and Daltrey. On Let Them Drink, songwriter/guitarist Shai Halperin lays down the soundtrack for either a drunken bachelor party of gluttony and brawling or a volatile, well-founded argument over the cost of a bag of weed.


    Meet Yr Acres opened the gates on the Philadelphia foursome in 2001. The Jewelry Store EP followed in 2003 and garnered much love from the critics and fans. The subsequent Pussyfootin� was a collection of earlier, unearthed acoustic work from Halperin, and quite a shift from what has now surfaced.

    Let Them Drink boasts golden production, with help from Thom Monahan, who has earned his name behind the boards for the Lilys, Beachwood Sparks and the Pernice Brothers. The unpredictable album moves from choppy, guitar-based Carnaby Street nuggets to smoky throw-rug and hot-tea psychedelia within a matter of four tracks or so. �Juicers,� the album�s building, melodious opening number, couldn�t be further from the searing �Mounds of Money� set-closer that follows it. That balance continues throughout Let Them Drink, punctuated by Halperin�s sing-along choruses and squealing pre-�Tears in Heaven� Clapton licks. Hot stuff.

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