Senses Fail

    Let It Enfold You


    Dear Mr. and Mrs. Fail,


    I am writing to you in regards to your son, Senses Fail, and the work that has culminated in his latest term, Let It Enfold You. His current work seems tepid and uninspired, almost as if he is following the cues of his classmates rather than exploring his true abilities. In the previous term, with From the Depths of Dreams, I saw great promise and an energy that wasn’t present in his other classmates. Although it was a smaller piece, the building blocks for something much more interesting were evident, but I feel that your son is doing nothing more than resting on his laurels and coasting through the year.

    He started the term off on the right foot, especially with “Tie Her Down” and “Lady in a Blue Dress.” But for the most part, Senses created the same harder-edge pop-punk sounds of his peers. We at this institution are committed to the best in our students and are critical in hopes that it will push everyone to produce their best work. Let’s hope the next term is better.


    Dany Sloan
    Indie Rock Magnet School

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