Lessons for Lovers


    If Devendra Banhart ceased the trembling and started hanging out on the streets of Nashville, Lylas’s Lesson for Lovers would probably be the result. Lead man Kyle Hamlett finds his roots planted somewhere in between the stylings of M. Ward and Ray Davies, and the rest of the band stays true to the heart of country music. It leads to a newfangled, infectious approach to indie pop.


    It’s easy to fancy a proper waltz to the likes of “Tiny Echoes,” and while listening to “Homes and Hugs,” it’s not hard to imagine yourself in bed on a lonely, summer afternoon. If anything, the sixteen-track Lessons for Lovers is the perfect accompaniment to a summer road trip. Lylas has been called the new “Nashville sound,” and if this is true at all, I’m proud to say I’m a Nashville resident.


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