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Large Pro’s latest is a mixed bag of old-school beats and inspired new risks. Lyrically, Main Source runs the gamut of topics from partying to bragging to social commentary, but the real meat is in the production, which is varied and driving. The groove, with its sharp beats and often guitar-sampled punch, gives the entire record a seamless, cool feel. Large Pro is left to add to the smooth vibe with his off-hand but direct phrasing.


Partying gets more than enough play, with jams like "Hot: sizzling, Scorching, Torching, Blazing," "Pump Ya Fist" and "Party Time" setting the tone. But Largo Pro is always one to also provide food for thought. The powerful "In the Ghetto," "Hardcore Hip-Hop" and "Classic Emergency" are short, sharp takes on the state of the music and the street, and for the most part ring true. Less successful are the preachy "Sewin’ Love" and "Rockin Hip-Hop," both of which attempt to sound mature and boastful at once.


But it is the beats that provide the edge. "Maica Living," the funky guitar-driven "Frantic Barz" and "Ru Dope" (which features Jeru tha Damaja) would work in any house without lyrics.


Main Source trips up when it tries to be more than its strengths. But there are enough tight, hot beats and honest without ham-handed words abound to make this a solid listen all the way through.



2008 continues to be a boom year for QNS hip-hop fans. Prodigy released another distinctly un-G-Unit solo joint. Nas stirred some shit on Nigger. Q-Tip's long-awaited solo follow-up may actually materialize. And twofer producer/rapper Large Professor releases his fifth solo LP. Though the title's reference to his breakthrough group suggests an Ijuswannachill throwback sound, his guest list indicates something more thuggish: Jeru, Lil' Dap, Styles P, et. al. So, drop your backpacks and clap two in the air for the return of Extra P!

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