Mr. Oizo

    Lambs Anger


    In any good DJ set, a careful balance must be achieved between recognizable, relatively conventional pop songs that hold up the set and beats that keep a certain flow going. And even if that’s not true, no album should be made up more of the latter than the former. That’s the problem that Lambs Anger, the fourth full-length album from Mr. Oizo, encounters.


    It’s not that every electronic album has to be full of utterly groove-oriented dance-floor gems, but Mr. Oizo is on the Ed Banger label, and a number of the songs on Lambs Anger would qualify as bangers, if nothing else. It’s not that a great deal of Lambs Anger isn’t danceable, which isn’t the case, but that a lot of the record just isn’t interesting to listen to. 


    The best tracks are the ones that include vocals; the cut-up disco-house of "Two Takes It" and the basic, spare "Steroids," on which Ed Banger resident Uffie raps. A number of instrumental tracks are about as good as those two, like "Blind Concerto" and "Jo," but even the weight of those isn’t enough to pull the rest of the album along. Unfortunately even Oizo’s solid instrumentals are often tiring after about the first minute or so.


    Lambs Anger is 17 tracks in 44 minutes. As good as some of the tracks are, it’s just discouraging to think how solid the record could’ve been if it had been just ten tracks of more fleshed-out material.