Lady Luck


    Talk about a study in contrasts. With this newest batch of CDs, I got discs from two of Detroit’s better-known indie bands, the Volebeats and Broadzilla. These two couldn’t be more different if they tried. It’s like the Goth chick walking around Wal-Mart — they just don’t mix. While the Volebeats are twangy, reflective and mellow, Broadzilla is brash, loud and sexual. A hard-rock power trio, the ladies in Broadzilla have taken several pages from the Motorhead/Nashville Pussy/neu-metal school of rock. It’s fast, furious and perfectly suited for the down-and-out vibe of Detroit’s bad side. It’s easy to picture Lady Luck on the radio as a battered ’70s Cadillac cruises along the burnt-out houses of Detroit’s forgotten downtown. Crunchy guitars wail alongside snarled vocals, hard-rock drumbeats and plucked bass lines. While there’s nothing particularly new about the formula, there’s nothing particularly wrong with it, either. Hey, as the saying goes, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

    [more:] – 2003

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