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    Krack Attack


    Krak Attack‘s album art, a collage of various women’s booty cracks hanging out of low-rise denim, is the most arousing aspect of CX Kidtronik’s vinyl-only ten-track EP. CX is a deejay and musician who has been a touring deejay for Saul Williams. Here he invites several emcees, most notably Rammellzee and High Priest, to rap over synth-heavy, glitchy electro beats that he calls “punk-rap.” That classification sounds interesting, but unfortunately insisting that it’s punk (which he does over and over again) and growing a fledgling Mohawk does not make it so.


    It is rough around the edges, but the music lacks the unbridled energy of punk and could more accurately be compared to grime minus the spitting. There is also a peppering of the same video-game sounds we’ve heard sampled before, and they often make it so noisy that the emcees’ dull flows are completely obscured. There are one or two listenable tracks – really the only memorable one is “Sky Is My Roof,” featuring Kong of MF Doom’s Monster Island Czars – but Krack Attack lacks compelling, witty lyricism that makes any hip-hop good, and most of the music is just straight booty.


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