Kanye West

    Kon the Louis Vuitton Don


    The busiest braggart with a Benz and a backpack proves relentlessly that his vocal flow is as sick as his beats. The Louis Vuitton Don mixtape hits its mark again and again, as 50 kills the “Lucifer” beat from The Black Album, Kanye outshines Luda on the “Stand Up” remix and the “should I have another?” conundrum takes the spotlight for the college dropout and Mark Spitz: “OK, no more for me / OK, one more for me.” Unfortunately even the salsa-flavored beat on “Me Against the Music” can’t save lyrics-most-lame from Madonna and Britney, though. ‘Tis a damn shame they can’t be as clever as Kanye is over the Kelis “Milkshake” beat that takes the second track: “Man I’m just sayin’ / When I wanted to rap y’all thought I was just playin’ / Now you’re just prayin’. Indeed — Ol’ Dirt McGirt asks the boy wonder, “Do anybody else make hits anymore?” This right here, man, history in the makin’.

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