Jamie T.

    Kings and Queens


    Part of Jamie T’s charm is that he’s a bit rough around the edges. The South London lad’s sophomore album is shaped as much by bruises and blackouts as it is by the Clash’s Combat Rock. But there’s nothing slack about the songwriting on Kings and Queens. The disc is packed with tightly crafted modern pop, and seamlessly melds the artist’s myriad influences.


    “British Intelligence” is a manic, paranoia-inflected rock anthem, while “Emily’s Heart” is a dark folk tune about the repercussions of breaking a girl’s heart. The U.K. songwriter even gets political on “The Man’s Machine.” “You’re the punk that I’ve been waiting for,” states the sample at the top of the track. And listeners will undoubtedly by thinking the same of Jamie T after listening to his delirious take on urban living.

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