King Khan & The BBQ Show

    King Khan & The BBQ Show


    Ladies and gentlemen, gather around for a sight that’s sure to tickle your every emotion. Come this way for a peek at a two-man show far from the land of Montreal, here to tease your filthy little ears. It’s King Khan & The BBQ show, everything you’ve ever wanted for Christmas but were afraid to steal from your kid brother. King Khan & The BBQ Show will pump you full of doo-wop, rockabilly and the purest, uncut punk legal this side of the Atlantic.


    Over here it’s the infamous King Khan. Don’t be frightened, ladies and gentleman; he may look daunting, but I can assure you he’s kinder than a kitten dipped in sugar. Some of you may be familiar with King Khan from recent dredges with the Shines through guitar fuzz for the betterment of his psychedelically punk teachings in Germany and throughout Europe. Others may know him from the Montreal punk destroyers known as the Spaceshits. If you’re not already familiar, it’s high time to familiarize yourself with Khan’s early-punk guitar proficiency and bold presence.


    Right this way we have the BBQ, a true teddy bear that not only can cuddle you to sleep, but also can satisfy your every carnal desire. BBQ, known to some as Mark Sultan, has touched the pressure points of many with his work in the Spaceshits and Les Sexareenos. But he’s not just a walking sideshow who plays the drums and guitar simultaneously; he also sings with the ghosts of Buddy Holly and Sam Cooke caught in his throat. A true wonder, the BBQ is sure to make you weak in the knees while supporting your posture with his soulful melodies.


    As you make your way to the back, you’ll have the opportunity to see these men in action, thanks to the kind hand of Goner Records. Together they hold the ability to create a world of sound that will not only fascinate your ears with its true rock ‘n’ roll, but will also wow the senses of ’50s rockabilly. Take one little listen to “Waddlin’ Around” and you’ll understand everything that is the King Khan & The BBQ show – punkified rhythm ‘n’ blues for the heroic and rotten. A little closer and you’ll find “Fish Fry,” with its clever guitar sound perfected by DM Bob and his ear for filthy, fuzzed production. From here you’ll have a clear understanding of what to expect from the King Khan & BBQ show.


    So wait no longer, ladies and gentlemen. Step right this way for a ride with King Khan & The BBQ show. It’s pure; it’s rock ‘n’ roll; and it’s the best it can get.



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    “Waddlin’ Around” MP3

    “Hold Me Tight” MP3


    “Fish Fry” Video

    “Pig Pig” Video

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