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  • Scott Mescudi VS the World feat. Cee-Lo
  • Don’t Play This Song feat. Mary J. Blige
  • We Aite (Wake Your Mind Up)
  • Marijuana
  • Mojo So Dope
  • Ashin’ Kusher
  • Erase Me feat. Kanye West
  • Wild’n Cuz Im Young
  • The Mood
  • MANIAC feat. Cage & St. Vincent
  • Mr. Rager
  • These Worries feat. Mary J. Blige
  • The End feat. GLC, Chip Tha Ripper & Nicole Wray
  • All Along
  • GHOST!
  • Trapped In My Mind

This Cleveland native initially wanted to deliver a sophomore album that was a little more straightforward hip-hop than what was heard on his genre-jumping 2009 debut, Man on the Moon: The End of Day. But somewhere along the line, rapper-singer Kid Cudi bailed on those plans and instead opted to create a sequel to his freshman effort. But where his debut focused on visions of his dreams and nightmares, Man on the Moon 2: Legend of Mr. Rager's intent is to bring you into Cudi's reality. And, apparently, the good and the bad parts of his life are on here, according to an interview with HipHopDX. He's again joined by a varied production squad that includes Kanye West, No I.D., the Neptunes, Ratatat, and Jim Jonsin. West also makes an appearance as a featured vocalist along with Cage, St. Vincent, and Chip Tha Ripper.

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Kid Cudi is to raw. dont care what anyone says. HE IS MUSIC

Cudder Lover

this is the best rapper n the world no matter what moon man my nigga


He is the best and he will make music evolve

Cudi Buddy

Cudi will revolutionize the way people write music.


this guy knows what he's talking about, unlike a lot of rappers these days

music is my hot sex

release date updated!

/site_media/uploads/images/users/daba/me-bermudajpg.jpg Daba

you guys are crazy if u think cudi is the best rapper alive. his early raps were TERRIBLE and even his newer ones will never come near the quality of eminems, even jay-z's. I do really like cudi but he is no where near the best


Who ever ryan is i disagree with you. I love Kid Cudi and he is the best. Maybe not to you but hey thats your opinion right? Anyways i hope one day i'll meet him when that day comes my life would then be complete!

DreamOn =]

album pushed back to 9/28.

/site_media/uploads/images/users/daba/me-bermudajpg.jpg Daba

ryan i disagree with you. Yea he has some misses but who doesnt? Eminems encore album and relapse alblums werent that good either. Kid cudi is a different rapper than Eminem too. He is a more futuristic rapper like other people said he will set the bar for the new rap. Im not raggin on eminem cause personally he is one of the best rappers alive but kid cudi is also


Pushed back again. Now scheduled for release on 10/26.

/site_media/uploads/images/users/daba/me-bermudajpg.jpg Daba

I Loved Kid Cudi's First Album Man On The Moon: The End Of Day Was The Best Album Of 2009 I Got Him On My Ipod All Day Every Day I Can't Wait For October To Come Cuz Man On The Moon II: The Legend Of Mr. Rager Comes Out Yes

The Kid

Cudi is good but nowhere near the best rapper alive. He is in his own genre, it's very unique and a little bit of everything. But as for best rapper he cant top lupe eminem jay biggie or pac


Can't wait for the sophomore album considering his debut was dope. Read my article on Cudi:

/site_media/uploads/images/users/prefix/no-user-pic.gif Reidkid

Cudi's new track for MOTM 2: Mojo So Dope. Check it out!!! Cudi is not the best rapper. He is one of my favorites right now (Cudi, J. Cole & Wiz Khalifa), maybe cuz of all my older music is played out. But Cudi know's what he's doin. That spacey sh*t is too dope! Flow goes with the tight trippy beats. He has the potential to get on any of the best rappers level. We still need a few more albums to find out.


Cudi is amazing the best in his genere of rap eminem is also the best in his own genere. Cudi and EM are compltely different styles cudi is the future of rap eminem is the dominant one at the moment. Eminem's new album is slightly shifted to cudis style of reflection but still has his ussual emotion behind his words


I love cudi, and I'm in agreement about him not being the "best" ever. However, he is AMAZING. and most of his songs hit home. Up Up and Away, Pursuit of Happiness, man on the moon, the prayer, the list goes on. Favorite rapper(s): Phife Dawg n Q-Tip


CuDi is the reason why white people love hip hop today


Cudi in my opinion is not the best but by far one of the best rappers right now and in the future probably will become even better. the way he raps defines who he is and that is what makes him so unique and different from other rappers. You can't compare him to another rapper. With rappers coming in the game, i believe that cleveland and Pittsburgh are reppin hard. Wiz and Cudi are two young and very talented rappers that have a good career ahead of them i like comparing them to the future lil wayne and eminem. I can't wait till these two meet and start terrin up the mic together just like how the other two did on eminems song from his new album no love which was sick.

Double O

Cudi is a great rapper, definitely my favorite. But he's only put out one great album so far, he hasnt been doing it long enough to be the best. Jay Z puts out great album after great album, and he's done that forever. Cudi's just gotta come out with a few more great albums before we can really call him the best.


CuDi is a f*cking genius, f*ck you if you think differently[:


Ok seriously, I liked Cudi before, but this new stuff is garbage, to say he is the best or even close to the best is just insane, Man on the Moon was good, then it got killed by the radio, now from what I have heard from this new CD is just terrible, if that is what you consider setting the bar for new rap, he set it pretty low


Kid Cudi is bad ass. First off I have never heard anything like him and he is in a league of his own. I dont really compare him to anybody, I dont really know who to compare to. I mean you can compare Pac, Jay Z, NaS, and Biggie because they are similar. Kid Cudi is in a league of his own, and in order to like his music you have to have an open mind and listen to different music. I mean I dont understand why everyone has Eminem in their top tier of rappers. How much more depressing annoying ass music can you take. I mean he can rap but his lyrics are played out and his drama is over done. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion like I am to mine, I'm just curious why everyone still gets so excited over Em. Anyways, I am really excited for this new Cudi Album


Man Kid Cudi Is Da Shiz he actually raps about real shiz everybody else raps bout how much $$$ n fame they got man cudi #1 n all yall dat dont think so yall some crazy butlickers !!! LOL !


john your an idiot erase me is far from garbage man on the moon an amazing album anything he writes is impossible to be considered garbage man on the moon will be hard to top with up up and away soundtrack 2 my life the prayer and embrace the martian but erase me gives everybody a lot to look forward to.


yeah so jake the prayer and embrace the martian aren't on man on the moon.. but anyway i agree with you that erase me isn't garbage. looking forward to this new album, cudi kills every track he's on


Kudi is amazing. Even though most people don't even realize what he's really talking about, Kudi is an Indigo. He is more than life, and writes about the struggles of living as one of these sensitive individuals and now he is trying to do what he was sent out here to do


he's not making a new genre of music... he's bringing hip hop back... get away from corporate "rap"... keep doin what youre doing and more people will be influenced. cant wait for 2. 1 was the anthem to fourth year of college. as of now cudi isnt the best. but if he keeps it up he certainly could usher in a new era of hip hop and would be regarded as the "moses" of hip hop


KiD CuDi is amazing. whenever i listen to him i get chills, he is truely amazing. i can not wait for his new cd to come out because as we all know, it will surely be the only thing we will listen to until he comes up with something new. i know it will be in my CD player in my car, spreading Cudi everywhere. peace and blessings.


Cudi is the true definition of music. He doesn't get enough credit; amazing to the fullest and brings lyrics to a whole different level.
When he said we were gonna love him.. he was right!
Kid Cudi= my future baby's daddy


Joe, I love that you put Lupe in there with Jay-z, Lupe is my favorite and does not get enough credit. Cudi is great too.


Okay so who ever is hatin' on Cudi clearly has no idea what they are talking about. He is the best out there and people can actually relate to is music. So thoughs who are hatin are not on the same level as everyone who loves him.


Cudi is the best rapper by far. Alot better than Wale and a few other less popular rappers. And ...Eminem? Come on guys. How can you compare Cudi to someone with no class


You kids need to learn how to argue. You are an embarrassment to debate.


There are no facts, just 6 billion different opinions.

It is difficult to claim anything is "the best". What does that even mean? There is no substance to that sentence. The best at what? Compared to who? Based on what?

I for one love Cudi and can't wait for his new album :-)

I agree with Scott!

Lol, I love pretty much all of cudi's tracks. Just going back to the stuff on "erase me". Its fuqing crazy that he can make something that good in like 20 mins, its defintely not his best or even in the top 10 of his songs but he is gonna blow up pretty soon and i just wanted to say i liked him before he was popular :)

Another Tom

@ Ryan. Shows how much you know bc CuDi isnt a rapper. hes sumthin all his own uncomparable to eminem and jay z. being that no1 does music like him, he clearly is the best at wut he does




eminem is a poop, so dont ever compare the moon man with eminem


i don't even really consider kid cudi a rapper or his music to be rap. its just straight up music. he is possibly the best musical artist right now, and his albums and mixtapes fall under instant classics. but he is not and never will be the greatest rapper.


dude to the guy who said eminem is better than kid cudi..... shut up! eminem has made some of the dumbest rap music known to man


If you honestly think that Eminem is better than Kid Cudi, you shouldn't even be allowed to listen to music.


cudi is the best rapper in the world i dont care what anyone else says he is Music. he writes songs anyone can agree with


KiD CuDi is The BEST rapper since Tupac and Biggie!!!! Who ever disagree's you should NEVER listen to music ever again. And you should just go hang yourself in your closet. :)


Kid cudi is a great rapper and he isnt even one. Hes more of a freestyler but he does both great and he is my fav rapper


There is no "best rapper". Kid Cudi is my favorite artist, he raps about what he feels and if someone doesn't like it then thats fine. Music is more than the best verses and the best beats, it's about the soul behind the art. Cudi just knows how to get how he feels his place in the world on paper and on a track.

Lil' Martian

Kid Cudi is a lyrical genuis!


album cover art added!

/site_media/uploads/images/users/daba/me-bermudajpg.jpg Daba

CuDi, yuur my savior(:

/site_media/uploads/images/users/Rainee/kyrajpg.jpg Rainee

Cudi has definately changed the rap game. If you even want to call his music rap. He has incorperated a completely new style and people who hate on him have to respect that. Name one other rapper who has a style similar to Cudi's? Even though I agree this might be not his best work, since his dreams are better than reality, but that may be the point. This album could represent how MOTM was better because it was about dreams, and MOTM II will be not as amazing becuase it is about reality, which obviously is not as good as dreams.

henry fletcher

Ryan is right. CUdi is the man, but he will never be compared to the BEST... (Em, Kanye, Jay)


i have to agree with everyone here a little bit at least, because kid cudi has his own style of music in which no one else right now cant compete in with him since hes the most unique artist* ive ever heard, i prefer kid cudi over like 90% of the artists now? but yeah kid cudi has a long way to go till he can be compared to the legends.


Cudis is the best fricken rapper ever

cudi lover

kid cudi is already a legend for what he brought to the table and what he represents. Cudi talks about the problems that actually matters in my opinion. not only can i relate to his music i experience some of those things he expressed in his music. There was a reason why he change projects and scraped the could have been album cudder and decided to put out this sequel. He is far from a rapper, he is the best artist out there period in my mind

mr rager

track list updated. a track with cage and st. vincent??

/site_media/uploads/images/users/daba/me-bermudajpg.jpg Daba

Go to Itunes and listen to the snippets!!!!!!!!!
They sound pretty dope....Cant wait til Nov.9th


yo ryan jay-z sucks balls

Cudi and Webby

kid cudi is not a rapper,, he;s a kid cudi he got his own individual musical swag,, and he' the god of his kind,, he greatnes


I hate people that say Cudi will team up with Lil' Wayne and Drake and tear shiit up exc, because he's not going to. Why? Because those two are too busy talking about STD's and killing people, or even playing on beaches. All they do is rap about things that no one cares about, which is because they actually don't have anything to rap about... while Cudi does.

Do It Alone

Cudi is a genius. He speaks the truth in all of his songs. They all tell a story about his life and they are all very deep. He is by far my favorite artist and I am anxiously awaiting the release of his new album. I cant go a day without listening to Man On The Moon: The End of Day and I've already heard a good 4 songs off the new album and I have to say so far it already deserves to be the Album of the Year. Keep it real Cudi, Your music is definitely the realest in the game.

Mr. Solo Dolo

What tracks do snoop dogg and Pharrell appear on? The article says that they're featured vocalists, but I don't hear them anywhere, nor on the on the tracklisting?

Can anyone clarify for me?


My Man Kid Cudi's New Album Is Dope I Heard All The Songs And I'm Still Going To Pick It Up On The 9th Of November Like I Did With His First One

The Kid

Dude Cudi's dope and nigga's got some fresh shiz but this record just leaked and's retarded. It sounds like a complete joke. I thought the first three songs were a huge satire. Retarded, 100%. "I'm wilin' cuz I'm young, I'm wilin' wilin' cuz I'm young, And I'll be wilin', 'til I'm chill and old".

What the fuc k?


The guy makes like 300 songs and every single one off them is brilliant.He's the only rapper i know to achieve this.Make this guy a religion.

Kid Cudisme

Yo ryan for real Eminem is whack like I thought his new stuff was cool but all he does the whole cd is bitch about his lady, that whole cd is fckin gay man Jay-z is a fkin wash up who is gonna help obama out with his new campaign fck him cudi is a great artist and will go down with the bone thugs as one of the best hip-hop artist to come out ohio


I have all of the songs right now, i was disappointed the first time i listened to it but the album really grows on you. i'm in love with it. I'm defiantly going to buy it when its comes out.




Honestly i freakin love this album. Cudi is the best rapper of all time in "this type of hip hop genre" i think many people need to understand cudi doesn't really rap since he even said he doesn't like to. But in man on the moon 2 he speaks the truth about the light and shadows of his life and for the id say 10/10

Shevy the kid

I laughing so hard at you fools saying that cudi is the best rapper. Please go. You obviously know nothing about rap.. just a horrible opinion that doesn't matter.


im surprised "follow me" isnt on this. cudis good and all but you people that say he's the best need to listen to get off his nuts and check out some other rappers like wiz khalifa or wale

cudder likes butter

cudder likes butter doesnt know what hes talking about. sorry we dont like rappers that talk about raping girls and doing cocaine. cudi is on some real stuff

cudder is BETTER

HAHAHA you people don't know what a real artist is...wiz khalifa, whale, kid cudi? they are are drugged out!!! Lupe Fiasco is that dude, speaks the truth, is the truth, AND he isn't drugged out!

Chi-town revarra

Marijuana + Kid Cudi = Life


Kid cudi is great but i dont feel he spits as real as lupe, wale, or dom kennedy


listen guys we all have different taste in music and every artist has good, bad, and fukin sick ass songs. It all depends on what you like and what your feelin. Cudder likes butter and chi town i agree with both of you. I am a huge Cudi fan like in my opinion the Man on the moon 1 is the best album i have ever heard. Its got sick ass beats, lyrics to listen which you can feel, and different emotions in the songs for whatever mood your in. He does rap about weed alot but alot of it is his life and his struggles just listen. and whats funny is that i think the song "in my dreams" is the worst song i have ever heard. besides Cudi i have a lot of wiz wale and Lupe. Wiz is sick(especially how fast he pops out albums and mixes) and wale aint bad he is like cudi you gotta break down the lyrics and understand. Lupe i dont know as much about but when i heard his leaked song from his new album 'The show goes on" i think thats the most bad ass song out right now and want to hear the rest of his album. some say Cudi is a rapper, some say he is hip hop. who gives a sh!t music is music dont be haters. Like lil wayne in my opinion is a joke but some of his songs are sick, and that is why ill listen to him.

Im back baby...Cudder

STOP COMPARING CUDI WITH OTHER PEOPLE, you CANT compare Kid Cudi with other rappers because his music is soo innovative and creative, also unique.. thats how it music should be. as far as MOTM 2: LEGEND OF MR. RAGER, i think it was great. the thing i love about his music is i can play it 100000 times and it never gets old! a few of my favorite songs are MANIAC, trapped in my mind, the end, mr. rager, dont play this song, all along, scott mescusi vs. the world, ASHIN KUSHER!!, marijuana, the mood, ehhh forget it.. THE WHOLE ALBUM IS GOOD!! GO BUY THAT 11/9


Took out the Snoop and Pharrell reference, that was from a previous press release we received.

/site_media/uploads/images/users/Andrew_Martin/me.jpg Andrew_Martin

The new album is decent as usual. Kudi always has a few bangers, but then almost half the album includes average fillers.

His creativity is pretty sharp though, while his lyrics are usually superficial and lack depth.

Overall, pretty good s*it as usual


Well personally I love cuddi but I don't think you can even consider his music rap he needs his own genre cause he is so diffrent and unusual. At the same time if you compare him to rap he is not the best. Yes he is a very talenter person but biggie, pac, andre 3000, eric.b and Rakim there were just so many people brfore him he were so good they set him up to be where he is today


If you HONESTLY think KANYE is anywhere near the top 10 rappers/artists of all time, you should get your hearing checked. And as far as comparing Eminem, Pac, BIG and those other rappers to Cudi...don't even try it. The fact is that Cudi isn't a rapper or hip-hop artist..and never claimed to be. People put him in those categories. There never was and never will be another artist like Cudi, making him the best at what he does, period.


CuDi is the best, theres nothing like his sound I believe. So dreamy, I know alot of people say its best to be blazed and hear his tunes, I challenge that statement.


I don't think of him as a rapper. Just a really good artist that appeals to people who like rap. He has his own thing going on. Agreed?


Kid Cudi is in a leauge of his own, but for all of the people who do not know too much, 808s & Heartbreak? Well Kid Cudi influenced that album, but Kanye is no where near as good as doing as Cudi. We need more REAL rappers there arent too many out there anymore.


hell yah!! his albums out 2morro, nd hell yah he's brining rap back.
hope he doesn't fall nd end up like weezy, dat wud b a shame


kid cudi is a beast i knew he would go hard on this album


he is better than eminem. and the only genre you can put him in is pot-smoker. like with Wiz


No way is he the best. his first album was good but this aint much better if that. its just the same chill stoner beat every song nothin that great and his rymes are so slow, its not even rap

Best rapper critic

Cudi man never stop spittng, you dude i get stoned to andi picked this album up yesteray and it is flipping amazing

/site_media/uploads/images/users/Cudders/kid-cudijpg1jpg.jpg Cudders

to all the foolish children saying kid cudi is the best and far better then eminem lets be serious here. this album is mediocre and all his music is just depressing and he just says random stuff. hes so overrated and only makes sense if your 3 blunts deep. and if eminem sucks how did the marshall mathers lp sell $20 million + albums? he is he highest selling rap artist of all time and how can u say his depressing lyrics in some songs is annoying when thats all cudi talks about. i can name 50 rappers off the top of my head who are light years ahead of this bum ass pot head

ignorant people amuse me

Cudi is pretty fun and interesting to listen to (60% of the time) but to say he's the 'best ever' is way way way over the top. Forget eminem. Think about all the other rappers dead and alive. A quick list of all rappers that are better than Cudi:

- Nas
- AZ
- Half the members of Wu Tang
- All members of Outkast
- All members of Tribe
- Rakim
- DMX (yes..that's right...DMX)
- Early days Eminem (not the new angsty Eminem)
- Common
- Mos Def
- Talib

....I can keep going.

Like I said, Kudi is cool but as many people have already posted, he's a bit of a downer and smokes way too much weed.

Double Trouble

Cudi is the man... he expresses true emotions from the mental and how we can be in a World that we made. Love his music and creative vision he has.


Haha Kid Cudi is Okayyy! Bt The Best Rapper In the World Who Beats Everybody Even Kid Cudi By Miles Is The All Mighty LIL WAYNE.. Nutin Can Touch Him!!

Ha Yeah Right

I can't believe I just read so many comments saying don't even compare eminem to kid cudi. Eminem is the best lyricist ever, period, forget about it. Analyze the song 'No Love' featuring Lil Wayne. Eminem absolutely sets the bar with that song. His verses are absolutely disgusting!On the other hand, I also am starting to develop a liking for Cudi, except he has a different style compared with Eminem, not necessarily better or worse, just different. The thing is, eminem can rap about anything, the most offensive, juvenile lyrics, but he puts them together and they sound so good it doesn't matter what he is saying, it just sounds good. Mark my words: This new Kid Cudi will rival Eminem's "Recovery" album in terms of record sales in the first week, and overall. It's good music, plain and simple.


first if he was bad ryan why u on this page second who asked you? terrable yeh right this nigga goes hard maybe before he wasnt all that but now he goes hard so dont hate appreciate and its not like u can do any better..

kuddii is beast!!!

cudi is that nigga. you have to understand his lyrics to be a true fan though. thats what i believe. he may not be the best, but he damn sure is up there and he is my favorite rapper.

kidd kidd

Listen.. I listen the entire first album for my first time of Cudi yesterday and today I listen the second album and I think that he first one is WAY much better .. WAYYYYYYY much BETTTEEERRR.. Seriously..

I'm not in drugs and I enjoy listening the first album.. but this second one is like.. too weak.

I'm dissapointed


why is anyone comparing kid cudi to eminem? all eminem knows how to do is yell in alllll of his verses. kid cudi actually rhymes and flows to his beats. eminem is wack, yo. all he talks about is his lame ass baby momma. cudi speaks the truth about life. cudder all day dude.


I think Kid Cudi is one of the best rappers including Lupe Fiasco, Jay-Z, Kanye West, and Eminem. Forget about Lil Wayne.


that kid joe up there is an idiot. cudi is one of the best musicians, not rappers, but all musicians alive. biggie and tupac WERE better but if you actually liked them you would know they died. a long time ago. so they cant be the best rappers ALIVE. i fvcking hate idiots like joe

joe is stupid

This album was fantastic! It was darker than the first, but I listened to the whole album without switching tracks and loved every minute. The songwriting this time around was greater than Man on the Moon 1 as well! Kid Cudi is a unique rapper and since his music takes from various genres he's in a league of his own. Therefore, you can't really compare him to other rappers like Eminem, Jay Z, etc. Kudos to Cudi and keep up the good work :)


kid Cudi is without a doubt the best out there! His songs honestly take me to a place no other rapper can. It's like he is following me around and writing down everything going on in my life. Honestly couldn't live without it, and hope i don't have to for a very long time...




i would agree with you guys on cudi's awesomeness for the first man on the moon but this second one was meh. and Double Trouble thanks for giving these people real rappers to compare to. Theres some good rappers now but 90s had the best rappers ever


Daym is all i can really say about this guy, he dnt give a f@*$ bout anyone's opinion but his own. He knows wat he is becoming and im not gonna be surprise once hes up there with Lil Wayne droppin hit after hit



kid cudi is unstopple I hope he finishes the trilogy. I listen to him when showerin takin a duece I listen to him all day all the time. Cudi is amazin F#$K wat other people think


Kid Cudi is WAY better the eminem. i thihnk eminem sux.
Cudi all the way!!1


cudis the sh*t. also its stupid how you cant say sh*t


Cudi and Em are two of my favorite rappers but it's hard to compare them to one another. They have two completely different styles, but put the same amount of emotion into their songs. Em does it more vocally, when he gets into his versing and starts raising his voice and his voice starts getting raspy, it's because he is really feeling what he is saying. Cudi on the other hand doesn't show it too much in his voice, but in all of his music in general. The beats, the mixes, the words, the emotion. It's all there. and like said before in previous posts, cudi is the future of not only hip hop and rap but all music of tomorrow. Em is still more of an artist of yesterday along side with Luda, Jay Z, Biggie, Pac, Atmosphere, Etc. They both kill it 100% of the time.


kid cudi is way dope. eminem is not that good tho. the best rapper? ummm def Tech N9ne!!!

BiG aL

cudi might not be a better rapper dan all the other ones but he sure does make way better music than other rappers


Kid cudi takes it to a whole nother lever by hand more then a rapper he's the best and all skaters jamm to him and he's just a beast


Like always,
We're entitled to our own opinion.
Kid Cudi is dope in his own way and he can't be compared to any other rapper because there is only one Scott Mescudi in the world && only he knows what he's been thru. && to all of his haters out there, really why waste your time and talk shyt? You're not making him lose any sleep. && if you dont like him don't listen to him.Wth comparing to people like Jay-z && Em && shyt? They haven't lived what Scott has seen so um they're their own person. Not talking down or anything cuz they're dope in their own ways. Anywayssss, can't wait to see Kid Cudi July 17. It's gonna be fckn bomb ^_^


There is nothing else to say, my cudipanions said it for me. seeing him on the 19th!!!! gonna be dope!!!!


You guys are making this too logical. Listen to his music and love it like I do.


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