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Rightfully so, a fair amount of Kid Cudi fans felt duped when they heard his proper debut album, Man On The Moon: The End of Day, in 2009. It was a rather significant departure from his earlier mixtape material as it no longer focused on his rapping but instead showcased a more sing-song approach. He continued with that style for his sophomore effort, 2010's Man On The Moon II: The Legend of Mr. Rager, and well into his rock project with the band Wizard. But in early 2011, Cudi looked to appease his more straightforward hip-hop fans by announcing A Man Named Scott. The project, which serves as the sequel to his 2008 mixtape, A Kid Named Cudi, focuses squarely on his rap skills that had remained mostly dormant the previous two years.

Charles Bradley - No Time For Dreaming My Disco Little Joy 

hope hes stays with rap

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don't matter, rap or rock Cudi will be sick

That Kid

whoever wrote that wasted my time and their own, they obviously didn't get the concept of either of the Man On the Moon Albums which are the greatest evolution of hip-hop to date besides Kanye's projects, if you don't understand what your listening to, please don't comment on it as if you do, I listen to a wide spectrum of differentnt genres music and Scott Mescudi's creativeness seizes to impress me!


I agree what Jonthxu, somewhat. Kid Cudi is THE greatest evolution. Kanye's beat and music itself was a evolution. And I do know very well what I'm talking about. The fact that Cudi is under Kanye's record label basically means if kanye wants money he plants songs on him like Erase Me. Erase Me isn't cudi. It's mainstream crap. Just like much of Kanye's other b.s. songs. Whether cudi does rock, rap, or country he will be my favorite and the most meaningful musician to walk this earth. If you understand what Cudi's words mean. Than you're a Cudi fan. whether you like it or not.


I hate when people become too politically correct about listening to music... Just enjoy that s**t you prick(jontxu)


MeYer you obiviously dont understand Scott at all.. ErAse me is KiD CuDi. CuDi isnt some idiot who cares wether or not he sounds mainstream. Im sure he had fun doing the song erase me . He says he loves the song in multiple interviews. Y else would he be quiting rap, leaving GOOD, and making a rock band. He doesnt cAre what genre or label u put on him he just wants to help people with his experiences. He also happens to love rock and since he reAlized hes actually good at it, hes going for it. Whenever u hear him talk about other artists its bearly ever or never another rapper. Its always bands like ratatat, bAnd of horses, and tenaious D (his favorite band). Dont act like you know an artist if u dont even understand where he's coming from.


Cudi is the my favorite artist right now, he is the future of music. Im glad he showed up, compared to lil wayne and crap like that kid cudi has meaning to his songs and i hope he keeps puttin out super bad ass music


What's with all these people getting mad at others for "not understanding his music." The only time you should argue with someone about Cudi is if they say he's no good. But no, you go and try to act like you know everything about his music and are trying to make people see his music in your eyes. F-ck that man music is fu-cking music. By the way, you may act like you know everything about Cudi but you think he cares? nope.


Cudi blows horribly now


Cudi IS hip hop and makes the greatest music that has ever been recorded


cudi gained fans for his unique rap, and with his album he disappointed some fans who wanted to hear him rapping more than singin, i love all of cudi's works but i understand where the others are coming from. motm is ingenious nonetheless but even i was surprised by its approach. cudi is a genius wether rappin or singin.

the truth

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