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On the strength of her snarky debut song, Katy Perry has been called by many (including Blender and Perez Hilton) one of music’s next big things. So it seems she would be heading right to the top of the charts -- except, of course, for the fact that “UR So Gay,” the song that she hopes will take her there, isn’t so much a funny kiss-off as a juvenile bout of name-calling that borders on being offensive.

“UR So Gay” is Perry’s dirty-laundry list about an ex-boyfriend. Perry’s litany of complaints is cute, but lumping all of his flaws under the umbrella of “gay” isn’t especially humorous, even with Perez in her corner. If Perry were truly talented, her sense of humor would be more refined than a high school football player’s. Compared with Liz Phair’s acidic touch or Jill Sobule’s sly witticisms, Perry calling her boyfriend gay is pedestrian.  

The faux pas would be easier to forgive if the rest of the EP wasn’t so spot on. Her cover of the Outfield’s “Use Your Love” blends perfectly with her millennium-kid Cyndi Lauper photo on the cover. The other track, “Lost,” is by far the most straightforward, and it shows that Perry can write a thoughtful lyric.

No matter how good these other two songs are, however, “UR So Gay” hovers over the whole listening experience. I hope Perry’s forthcoming album shows a little more creativity and a little less juvenility.


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i give Katy about a 8.0, though that song seems


She sold-out everything before she even released a record. She'll be smoking crack before Christmas.

/site_media/uploads/images/users/FMH/5241619.gif FMH

you know what u r a disrespectful person who needs to get a life or you will be smoking crack before summer will even end!!!


FMH I understand that you are not a Katy fan and that's alright. But going around bad mouthing her is not cool. Just lay off. She's happy and she's having fun. You can say all the sh** you want but it doesn't make her any less popular. Her cd, in my opinion, is extremely good. Seriously just get a life and stop bad mouthing celebrities online. Oh and, haha, talking bad makes you look jealous of her.


Yeah, if only I had the insight to write a song as intelligent as "UR So Gay." I'm so jealous. Good call.
You know, Hitler was happy and had fun exterminating the Jews, but that still doesn't make it a good thing, no matter how popular he was at the time. Katy Perry is doing a similar thing with the gays, on a much larger but more subtle scale. Grow up and face reality, Kori. You look like a 10 year old who's been told candy is bad for her.

/site_media/uploads/images/users/FMH/5241619.gif FMH

if u love hitler so much i mean because u use him in many ex
than go on his website and chet wit his big fans... any way you dont know sh*** because if that is your real picture than u defenatly dont know sh*** because u look like u r from the 70's or 80's that fro of yours is GAY. I LOVE LOVE LOVE KATY PERRY!!!!!!!!!!!!


^^^ This is your average Katy Perry fan. They use "gay" as an insult, they can't spell "definitely", and don't recognize actually relevant cultural icons (Hunter S. Thomson was from the '70s, and very not gay). Sad.

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i love katy but this song was really rude. why did she have to use a great word [great ppl] to express something bad about her. the only way she could use that was if she were a lesbian. but even then she would seem like she had no self respect. this is a poor pathetic song. but it's really catchy. atleast she's for the gay's and doesn't say stuff like gays are gross...katy rocks, still <333


i dont care whatever anyone says, i love this song because sh**s like asses out there dont know what the f*ck their saying ok so katy perry is a huge fan of mine ok so f*ck you bitches


this song is amazing!!!!shes sooo cool and i love all her songs. if you ppl think that shes trying to offend u ur wrong because i would do the same thing if a guy did that 2 me and u probabley would 2 so u guys shouldnt dog her 4 xpressing her feelings. she rocks and i cant wait 4 another song!!


Ladies and gentlemen, this completes our Katy Perry Market Research Focus Group. What have we learned? Well, we've learned that fans of Katy Perry are also fans of poor spelling and exclamation points. They are not, however, fans of the shift key, books or anything that requires higher level cognitive function. Recommendation: The music of Katy Perry would be an ideal vehicle to sell vaginal deodorants, bacon flavored potato chips and strongly scented magic markers (for KP fans to huff before homeroom).

/site_media/uploads/images/users/GregIngber/gaywayswiththejello.jpg GregIngber

Shift, period. Lolita. Katy Perry fan, here!


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