Baby Blak

    Just Begun


    The single itself is good — not great — but the Just Begun twelve-inch is a clinic in how to flip the mood of a song with different production approaches. Falling off after the punch line, “Shoot your dick off and laugh at your burgundy briefs,” Philly rapper Baby Blak’s lyrics are the stuff of streets, hustling and struggle.


    Aforementioned Tarantino-worthy taunts aside, Baby Blak’s not an urban poet on the level of, say, Vordul Mega. But stud Sound Ink producer King Honey’s high-energy, sample-driven “Early Version” mix is pure par-tay. Although his second mix doesn’t equal the former, it’s a lesson in mood shifting, and Baby Blak’s giddy boasting is duly transformed into convincing realism. Also included is a chaotic, raga-influenced mix by Team Shadetek. It sounds great for forty-five seconds, but it doesn’t transcend looped-sound density and ultimately stagnates.

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