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Given the wildly uneven quality of Red Hot Chili Peppers guitarist John Frusciante’s avant-garde solo work over the years, and the fact that this, his most recent release, is a concept record that also includes a cover of Tim Buckley’s epic noodling headscratcher, “Song to the Siren,” you’d be forgiven for approaching this disc with a healthy degree of trepidation.  Try and remember, though, that the last great Chili Peppers record (By the Way) was a winner engineered almost entirely by Frusciante, and that The Empyrean includes guest spots by fellow Pepper Flea as well as Johnny Marr -- so it’s at least gotta be better than his "Your Pussy's Glued to a Building on Fire," right?

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his label is record collection


You end your review comparing The Empyrean; an album, with Your Pussy's Glued to a Building on Fire; a song off John's first solo album called, Niandra Lades- that just doesn't make sense.

red hot

mr woods your obviously a fool!!!!!!!
By the way the last good album?????????? What about stadium??? what about every peppers album john has ever been a part of!!!!!!! what about every one of john's albums of the 2004 series being amazingly good and moving????
Get a clue!!!!!


what about your pussy's glued to a building on fire being an awesome song?


"Your Pussy's Glued to a Building on Fire" = best song ever.

/site_media/uploads/images/users/vivatherock/mejpg.jpg kbachor

Just because "Your Pussy's" doesn't conform to the norms of the generic verse-chorus-verse song and isn't perfectly produced doesn't mean it's not an awesome, emotional and trippy/incredible/messed up musical experience. John is a musical genius and I can appreciate everything that he gives to us as music fans.


I just listen to The Empyrean in its entirety for the first time and I can honestly say it's an amazingly beautiful record.

I would never approach any of Frusciante's work with trepidation or any expectations for that matter.

Thank you John for sharing your art.


Absolutely incredible music on The Empyrean... If you love John's music with your soul, you'll love this record.


what a terrible synopsis. shouldn't you vaguely know what your talking about before you try and write about one of the greatest musical talents of our generation. disgraceful.


err, to the reviewer above, "Your Pussy Is Glued to a Building on Fire" is among John's best works. Sound quality is not equivalent to artistic quality. Personally I don't like the Empyrean (yes it's leaked) as much as John's other stuff, but a few tracks (parts of tracks at times) are pretty good.


It sounds like you just went through a list of his songs and saw that one of them had a rather fun profanity in it; and then you're suddenly comparing The Empyrean and By The Way. Makes no sense. Try to listen to more John...


Terrible synopsis by this Travis Woods guy.

Anyways, this album is unbelievable. All of John's work is incredible, but The Empyrean takes you to a whole new dimension of music. Its unlike anything I've ever heard before, and I'm pretty confident that its unlike anything I ever will here. A truly remarkable piece of work.


you obviously dont know much about his solo stuff


This album grows on you. It seems somehow less approachable than other albums in the solo john frusciante context as he seems to have broadened his musical language. Really grows on you, don't miss it.


if i were your boss i'd fired you because of this bullsht review.


this guy must be the most stupid motherfu**er on earth. i bet he thinks bands like metalica guns and roses are the dogs bollocks. john could do more for music in his sleep than most band could do in 10 lifetimes.


wot a fool this guy must be you should be workin for kerrang they print nowt but crap


this guy Travis should be fired.


You sound like you have never even listened to the record. You just looked up some facts about it and compared it to one of the first songs JF has ever recorded. Good job, you have quite some skill as a reviewer.


There's no such thing as a bad song - just a song that you can't understand and doesn't push your buttons. Personally, Frusciante has done it for me everytime, from the extremes of 'I May Again Know John', which my girlfriend hates me playing, to the mellow mood of 'A Firm Kick'. For the record, all this talk about 'Your Pussys Glued To A Building On Fire' - the guy who wrote this review has a point that this album will appeal to more people due to the nature of the songs. But what a jerk for stating it's


the reviewer's lack of knowledge of Frusciante and this album is very apparent. what a tool.


a tool indeed. cause someones got the individuality to sing whatever the fu ck he wants to, unlike this guy who obviously browsed Wikipedia and his shi_ t memory.


what a really "bad pathetic know f--k all about music" review from travis woods


i looked on here for a preview and the bloke that wrote this clearly has no real idea what that is - how about some info on the sound of the album or the concept, surely the zero depth of knowledge you have about frusicante could be diguised just by posting a link to amazon, they have far better previews and theyve barely got anything. travis woods is a joke.


Hey, nice review....for a 9th grader. I mean come on I know its not as good as Jonas Brothers or Hannah Montana, but you have to listen outside the box. Write the review over again when you've actually listened to all of his albums. Also "Your Pussy's Glued to a Building on Fire" is a great song all because it has profanity doesn't make it a bad song, go take some journalism classes, because obviously you don't know how to write a decent article.


I just heard the record for the first time and I was really disapointed. I reminds me of American Idol at times and I don't like that show. Sorry John but if you cant make the time to tune your guitar then you shouldnt be making records. (3 songs are out of tune, serious...)


What, exactly, do you think you have reviewed here?

You didn't say a single thing about any of the songs on the album!

You are a nitwit.


The text above is for the abstrac and not the review.

/site_media/uploads/images/users/daba/me-bermudajpg.jpg Daba

i litterary think this is an amazing album! Ohmygod I will probably listen to this every day and night for a month now!


This is not a review, it's a


this album iss amazing. I have listened now 12 times thats 12 hours of my life spent listening to this album. Its such a trip, John Frusciante just knows about it, he knows what it is thats so important to display..

Its so far from mainstream its not even funny lol.

John frusciante eats music for breakfast.

lol at Travis, he got pwned by being a complete twat lmfao


yeah um... NLDAUJATS was an album that john made when off his head on smack and in a completely different dimension. i find it hard to compare any of his other work to that album... though it is my fav. ha


This review is without a doubt the most ill-informed and illogical piece I have ever seen in print regarding The Frusc and the Chili Peppers. Fact: if you don't like Stadium Arcadium, you don't like the Chili Peppers. Fact: if By The Way is your favorite Chili Peppers album, then you love Frusciante. You're contradicting yourself, Travis Woods. Fu(k you, Travis Woods. John Frusciante's solo career isn't "wildly uneven"! Niandra La Des and Smile From the Streets You Hold are pure $hit, but everything else is excellent. Even if you don't enjoy the good albums, they are at least very consistent. When Frusciante releases a new album, you know exactly what to expect. What the fu(k is wrong with you, man. Quit making a fool of yourself online by writing about crap you don't understand. I see you've written a $hitload of reviews here. Stop wasting your time, assh0le. Go get hit by a bus; that might be more beneficial to society.

Vladimir Osakavitch

john if you read this stuff i would be suprised that you waist your precious time that you could be creating more pure perfection. you should know though you are a musical genuis with a great prspective on god and what his love is truley all about. another thing for blogger martin if you were a real musician you would understand that there is no such thing as a out of tune guitar.


Id like to see Mr. Wood's credentials, or lack thereof. What a great career you have here, full of skilled labor and integrity. The universe doesn't need you.


to 'vlademir osakavich'.... niandra lades is not $hit at all. the sound quality is nowhere near as good as more modern albums, but its still good soulful music. and to the guy who wrote the review.... i dont think youve heeard much of his other music have you? and according to you the chilis last good album was by the way? haha since then theyve written 28 other songs including dani california and many more fabulous songs and you just dismiss them? shame on you. find a new job.


Who ever wrote this review is a FOOL!


Why is it that so many reviews that I have found are saying that his solo work is all so "un-even" and that they are always approached with trepidation? I personally think that Mr. Frusciante gives us so much more than what the average singer songwriter these days is capable of; true art at its best. This album is fantastic. All his others were fantastic too.

I don't even need to mention what is wrong with his closing line. This guy obviously was smoking some bad granola when he was reviewing this album.


Dearest Connor:
D0u(hebag, listen up. When I listen to "soulful" music, it is recorded by such "staples" as Al Green, and Don Davis. You clearly know nothing about music. Listen to "Niandra LaDes" once again, if you please.

Dearest TRAAAV:
I still feel the same way. Bite me if you please:

Dearest Sunrise:
Right the fu(k on. Please continue to rock out. I appreciate and agree with your perspective. However, as Beck once said: "I just found me a bottle of [booze]."

Vladimir Osakavitch

Terrible review given by someone who is innaccurate in their assumptions about John Frusciante and the RHCP's work. It is likely a lack of understanding of music and art that leads the critic to make poor assumptions. I feel that he is one of the industries strongest guitarists as well as a profound artist with imense creativity. Additionally, how can anyone overlook Stadium Archadium as not being a great album? Doesn't make any sense to me.


Travis Woods...F**k yourself!


I like this album. But....... the first track is obviously an excuse for


Apart from the fact that the first track is an obvious ripp-off of Maggot Brain, this album is very meaningful I reckon.


Reviewers hate songs that don't have the cliche order of every pop song nowadays. They also love to compare solo works to the musician's original band. Not cool. They should always be reviewed seperately, they are two SEPERATE artists. His album is beautiful. Buy it, listen to it, enjoy it.


Okay, so i havent listened to the whole album yet,(shame on me). But im sure i will love it. I love john frusciantes music. He just is above all these other musicians out there, hes on a whole different universe when he writes music. Im a 12 year old and I'm SO glad that im not into any of the pop music nowadays.I just wish MORE people knew about his music. and obviously the person who wrote this,doesn't know much, since he compared john frusciantes music and the chilis peppers music when you shouldnt.


Stunning album. I'm pouring over the lyrics with reference to his inner experience, and in relation to my own. Also, I'm listening to Robert Fripp's glorious but stern "The Gates of Paradise". John honors the elder master a number of times on this album with some stunning Crimson-y solos.

Bruce Tutcher

This review is crap.

Frusciante = God

Sir Psycho

How is this a review? By the way the last great album by RHCP?? You sir, are a moron. I haven't heard all of Frusciante's stuff, but I discovered The Empyrean on Grooveshark and I think it's incredible.


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