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What's with the question mark tacked onto the end of the title of Love?, Jennifer Lopez's sixth studio album? Maybe she's trying to head off any possibility of an ambiguous reception for the material. Maybe she's making a philosophical statement about the nature of affection. Maybe it doesn't mean anything, although the people who process culture will have fun with it, regardless.


Lopez has worked with with producers like Danja, the Neptunes, and Darkchild on the album, hoping that it doesn't flop like its predecessor, Brave. Maybe she's thinking that that album would've done better if it had been titled Brave?.

Melissa Etheridge - Fearless Love Del The Funky Homosapien, Tame One Parallel Uni-Verses

Can not wait till LOVE? drop, i love j.lo-lola, i am from Suriname-South America, yo te quiero Jlo, es una Mujer muy bonita y intelligente

Raoel Doelahasori

Jennifer is sooooo hot!!!!, as for me, it doesn't matter if the album her 2010 album flops or not, I really know how to appreciate her work, so, I will enjoy her music, real funk and excellent taste in arragements. I love her voice. I don't think you need to be a Barbara Streisand or a Beyonce to be able to sing good. All it takes is talent and sex appeal, and Jennifer acquires that and much more to offer. Don't kid yourself, just listen really good to her music, you will become a big fan of Jennifer Lopez.. Good Luck Jennifer and to bad for all those haters, they will continue spinning in their own circle.

Carlos Ortiz

i really love jlo..ur right..she so damn hot i saw her already..beautiful

xian19 pilipino

I really can`t` understant why her album Brave was a flop.In my opinion it was one of her best albums with good lyrics and great music especially Hold it....don`t drop it,Miles in these shoes and Brave.Anyway i can`t` wait for her new album Love? to come out,i already heared some of the tracks and at the moments my favriotes are What is Love?,One Love and Loubuotins.Keep up the good work J.lo ure my inspiration,i`m ure number 1 fan

Maria J.lo 25

I love her new song... And I also say the same for what is love and one love.... every friend tht gets in my car I make them listen to it... And they are like who is that... Ugh.... Its my girl jlos new songs that are hopefully coming out soon... Good luck ermosa I really think this is your come back


I've been anticipating her new album for a while now. I've been a fan of Jennifer Lopez since I was like 5. I love her music. Her lyrics appeal not only to me but others ages young or old. She's an amazing artist. And even though she's been away from the industry for a while, I think that her making this album will totally get her back in the game. I love "Fresh Out the Oven" and Louboutins. I have every song she's ever made on my iPod. I am totally one her #1 fans. I am so going get "Love?". I hope she fills my cup so I can get right. Love you Jennifer. You're the best.

The Biggest Youngster Fan in the World.


How can I hear some of the new material? Also anyone know what approximate season this album is releasing? I love JLO: singing, dancing, and acting. I also have every album on my ipod. She is absolutely stunning & goregeous in every way(even her giggle and blushing). I've always wished she would tour. Keep Rockin it Out girl from the Bronx. We are anxiously awaiting ur new album and movies.....HURRY Please on the album. MUAH!


i love the songs louboutins....louboutins shoes is a very expensive shoes i cnt buy it for my mom....hahahahaha. jlo for me is the best..on movie,music and you jlo.


love jenny i am so happy to see some 1 from surname south america cause i am from guyana sout AM. cant wate for jenny love?

Darsus Busey

I sooo love j.lo!!! I am her biggest fan! I hope to god def jam gives her promo and love?!!!


i love jlo and i have every single song she has ever sung and all her movies too.jennifer lopez defines the word gorgeous,most charming versatile sweet and intelligant woman i ever saw,an incredible tallent too,love you jlo,u go girl./..


i love jlo she rock my world i been her fan for very long time now
and i got all her dvd movies and cd music lol i got poster of her in my room so yepp im jlo fans number one of jennifer lopez
all i have too say is jennifer keep up the good work you are a sweetheart god bless you and your family


I love jlos new song and cant stop listening as usuall with everything she sings... Does anyone know the release date for her new album?????


I also cannot wait for the new CD, I agree to the fact that Brave was a pretty decent CD and had several good songs that really did not get enough play. I hope this new CD will be one everyone will appreciate as they should. Good luck Jlo, I'm always a loyal fan.


I want to listen all her new songs.......for me J.lo is the best....I love her so muchhhhh


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