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During The Blueprint 3’s opening salvo “What We Talkin’ About?,” Jay-Z spits, “I don’t run rap no more; I run the map.” It’s a typical top-of-the-world boast that Jay has been spewing since 1998, but in some respects, it feels like he’s finally earned it. He’s not only the biggest rapper of all time (by far), but he’s also one of the last big pop stars -- a rapper whom even your mom knows and whose every album is an event to be reckoned with. It’s hard to imagine a new 50 Cent album, or even a new Lady Gaga album, being subject to a kind of hype that includes blog posts that boast exclusive looks at the scanned CD booklet. In other words, Jay-Z is right.


The increased exposure of a marriage to Beyonce and a largely unchallenged rap-king throne (at least since Nas dropped “Ether”) hangs heavy over Jay-Z’s 11th album, The Blueprint 3. A return to The Blueprint brand is supposed to signal a recommitment by Jay-Z to the street-wise but pop-friendly auspices of the first two Blueprint albums. Instead it serves as a better version of Kingdom Come, Jay’s much-maligned “comeback” album, which found him struggling to find relevant non-drug related things to say apart from how people who hate him are losers and how he’s got more money than the U.S. Treasury.


The Blueprint 3 starts well enough. Its first half is good to great, starting with the Empire of the Sun-featuring “What We Talkin’ About?” and running through the the futuristic zoom-bip of the Swizz Beatz-produced “On to the Next One.” Lead single “D.O.A. (Death of Auto-Tune)” sounds better in context, where its crotchety assertions about hating iTunes, Auto-Tuners and ringtone rappers fit in between the fan-thanking “Thank You” and the boastful “Run This Town” (which features a fire Kanye verse that far outshines Jay’s). A never-better Young Jeezy trades increasingly entertaining verses with Jay over a horn-heavy Incredibles-produced beat on “Real As It Gets.” On joyous album highlight “Empire State of Mind,” Jay references Nas’ “NY State of Mind,” but instead of a nightmare hellscape, Jay’s New York is a place of fast streets, sports teams and fulfilled dreams.


But around the time we get to the Timbaland-produced, Limbaugh-dissing, Drake-featuring “Off That,” a song about how far ahead of the curve Jay is, the album's quality falls off considerably. (You can make the case that The Blueprint 3 would be better as an EP, with the back half of the album trashed.) Jay runs through rap’s recent history on “A Star is Born,” a track with the startling revelations that Eminem was great when he came out, Andre 3000 is “really ill,” Wu-Tang Clan had a “hell of a run,” and that Jay is the biggest rapper in the world. The abysmal “Venus VS. Mars” has Jay delivering cliché-heavy “my girl is different than me” (example: “Shorty like Pac/ Me, Big Poppa”) verses over a recycled Timbaland beat. The closing four-track run of “Hate” through the incredibly corny “Young Forever,” a Mr. Hudson-featuring clunker, may be the weakest stretch on any Jay-Z album, with the Neptunes produced, Pharrell-produced “So Ambitious” winning the contest for the worst Neptunes-related track not on any of N.E.R.D.’s three albums.


But really, the music hasn’t meant much in relationship to the Jay-Z brand since The Black Album  -- the multi-million dollar endorsement deals and business expansions have meant more since then. 2007’s American Gangster was an anomaly; the guy was only able to go back to his creative coke-rap well under the auspices of a concept album. Albums like Kingdom Come and The Blueprint 3 are Jay’s norm now. That is to say, the guy could keep doing half-assed records like this until 2030, and he’ll still be able to call himself the most popular rapper of all time. He’s like a classic rock group (like, say, U2) in that respect; we expect him to keep delivering same-old, same-old new music, but we’re not going to like it more than we liked Reasonable Doubt, The Blueprint, or Vol. 2.




  • What We Talkin' About ft. Luke Steele of Empire of the Sun
  • Thank You
  • D.O.A. (Death of Auto-Tune)
  • Run This Town ft. Kanye West and Rihanna
  • Empire State of Mind ft. Alicia Keys
  • Real As It Gets ft Young Jeezy
  • On To the Next One ft. Swizz Beatz
  • Off That ft. Drake
  • A Star is Bortn ft. J. Cole
  • Venus VS. Mars
  • Already Home ft. Kid Cudi
  • Hate ft. Kanye West
  • Reminder
  • So Ambitious ft. Pharrell
  • Young Forever ft. Mr. Hudson

It was only a matter of time before Jay-Z would return to the creative well that brought him the first two Blueprint albums, given that his last non-American Gangster album, Kingdom Come, was a resolute disaster. The Blueprint 3 promises to be a return to the blockbuster era of Jay-Z's career, with tracks like "History" (a song celebrating the Obama presidency), and "Jockin' Jay-Z" serving as early precursors to the album. 


The Blueprint 3 is promised for a 2009 release, with Kanye West reportedly on board to produce most, if not all, of the album's tracks. It was originally slated for a late 2008 release, but then Jay decided he didn't want to rush the album, and pushed it back to 2009.  



Stream the Blueprint 3 here.


Big Boi - Sir Luscious Leftfoot ... Son of Chico Dusty Bruce Springsteen Working on a Dream

The tracklist that's currently posted is just rumored at this point. It's not been confirmed.

/site_media/uploads/images/users/daba/me-bermudajpg.jpg Daba

The tracklist has been shut down by an exec close to jay-z


The above leaked track list is fake!!
Jay Z and his people are releasing fake lists to confuse people.
The new rumor on the project as of December is that Director Hugo V (known as the Quentin Tarantino of Music video) will be shooting music videos for ALL the tracks on the album, kinda like a continuing storyline! Eventually that DVD will be sold as a companion piece to the Album. Now that is dope!!


Hugo V on Blueprint 3? Is Director Hugo V part of the Neptunes or is that someone different?

Common 1

Not Chad Hugo from the Neptunes.

/site_media/uploads/images/users/daba/me-bermudajpg.jpg Daba

Chad Hugo is a producer from the Neptunes & N.E.R.D.
Director Hugo V. is a music video director and has worked with Cypress Hill, Crazytown and the Archbishop Don Magic Juan. Word is that actually The Neptunes will be be producing on some tracks though.


ah, this has to be fake.
what happened to his first & second singles from the album.
("jockin jay-z" & "brooklyn we go hard")
why aren't they on here?


I don't think this album is gonna be that great. Jay has been in the business for quite a long time now and his music is starting to degenerate. Every album beyond the bluprint 2 was a flop. Do you really expect that he'll wake up & start making legendary music. Let's face it, he's a business man, a hip hop mogul and he should use his great entrepreneurial talent as a landmark for his future career.


Reez you are an idiot!! The Black Album was arguably his finest work and the American Gangster Album was a classic! Where do you people come from who nothing about hip hop but speak so auhoritatively about it?


I completely agree with you Ike. These catz who don't understand real hip hop-from the mood to the beat to the lyrics- can't possibly be an authority on Jay-Z.


Offical tracklist

1- Only one
2-Bk Anthem
3-Swagger Like Us pt2 ft andre3000 nas and young jeezy
4-Forever Young ft Kanye West
5- I am Legend ft and produced by Dr.dre
6- Coast 2coast ft Snoop dogg
8 Everyday A Star is born
9-Welcome 2 the roc ft tru life jadakiss and Uncle murda
10 Frenimies(jim jOnes and dame dash diss
11 Haters ft the dream
12 Still a renegade ft eminem
13- As one ft jadakiss memphis bleek beanie sigel and freeway


I disagree with all the nay-sayers!
I think that Jay Z has one more great album left.
And I believe the Blueprint 3 will be his Masterpiece! And to top it off if the above is all true he got Eminem, The Neptunes, Snoop, Kanye, Dre, and Director Hugo V on all the videos?
Man, it sounds like a masterpiece and a future classic cd to me!!!

True Love for Hip Hop



Jockin Jay Z is also a song on this album

King CV

*****Official Tracklist*****

1) Only One
2) The DEFinition
3)Heir to the Throne ft Lil Wayne (produced by Drake)
4) Victory
5) Kiss and Tell ft The Dream
6)Swagger Like Us (Round 2) ft Young Jeezy Nas and Andre 3000
7)Brooklyn Anthem ft Mc Lyte
8) Without Rain ft Movado
9)Hate My Hustle ft TI
10)GOAT (gettin at LL)
11)Angels and Demons
12)My Downfall ft Chris Martin
13)Riding Music ft Rick Ross
14)Haters Ft Mr.Hudson and MIA
15)Two KIngs ft Nas
16) Roc Star
17)Maybe ft Diddy and Mary J Blige
Bonus Tracks
King Carter
Hustlin Is My Life
Roc Boys 2 ft Memphis Bleek and Kanye West
Everyday A Star Is Born ft Drake produced by Dr.Dre


ain't a thang lyk HOVA MUZIK this boy is all hip-hop & BLUEPRINT 3 is the last taste of virgin blood 4 this king of rap, it's classic period.


Yo that tracklist from younghovadagod is sooooooooo real but there are some fakies on there ALL ThE bonus tracks are fake the bonus track is gonna be called New York (Twin Towers) ft ghostface and raekwon and the song everyday a star is born has drake and kanye. NO BULLSH IT !!!!!!!!!!!!! and dr dre and game have a song caled get it besides it is official as a referee wid a whistle i work at def jam whoever leaked this is gonna be in some hot water

KIng O

This is a response for Common 1 & Tremors,
Hre is Director Hugo V. information:

Hope that helps!!
Glass Jaw "Body Blow Body Blow"

Glass Jaw

I feel Reez but i think the album will be amazing with some legendary tracks.. but he is starting to degenerate and should just use his business skills to make some more legends and conquer the business world of music and fashion.. and now im hearing basketball..
album will be crazy with any of the posted track lists.. hes already huge and people will want to see whats on it unless all these tracks leak.. so it would be wise to confuse people

Paulii [ROT10]

Real talk.... the official tracklist has not been finalize as yet. And won't for at least another month. Now some of these songs people have put up here is mixtape/garbage they download off limewire or something and some of it is real.... on another note Jay has argument over what is his best album. He's my two cents... Reasonable Doubt and Vol. 1 will always be my favorite but is best work is spread out between Reasonable Doubt and The Black Album. Kingdom Come was a brick - minus the track with Ne-Yo. American Gangster is on the fence depending on how the Blueprint 3 turns out.


Jay-z could be 80yrs old and still rappin and he would still be better dan any of this modern day cats!d question is who saves hip hop 4rm d lyks of lil wayne and Soulja boy?Nas is takin a relapse-ice cube is doin partime hip hop-Eminem is fast becoming a better comedian dan rapper----yeah- The Game who is also talkin bout retirment-if HOVA leaves -we can put an R.I.P sign on hip hop!meanwhile,i smell CLASSIC in BLUEPRINT 3!


who designated a age for rappin, Hov helt hip hop on his back during the 1st blueprint album, show da god sum love..


To all those who feel Hov is falling off....let me give you a recap - Reasonable Doubt, In My Lifetime Vol.1, Hard Knock Life Vol.2, Life & Times of S. Carter Vol.3, Roc-la-Familia, The Blueprint, Best of Both Worlds, The Blueprint 2: The Gift & The Curse, Unfinished Business, The Black Album, Kingdom Come, and American Gangster....all classics, now The Blueprint 3!!! You got to be sick if you think Hov is slipping away. Real talk he probably inspired your favorite rapper.

7/11 (No Craps)

The Blueprint 3 (September 11th, 2009)

01. You're All Welcome
02. History
03. Jockin' Jay-Z
04. D.O.A. (Death of Auto-Tune)
05. Run This Town
06. Brooklyn Go Hard
07. Swagger Like Us Pt. 2
08. BK's Most Wanted
09. Goodbye To The Game
10. Everything I Own
11. Unpredictable
12. Dream On
13. My Wife
14. Blueprint 3 (Take Ya'll Back)


Official Tracklisting...

(Atlantic/Roc Nation)

Spread the news...

1. Birth of a Nation (Intro)
2. Run this Town ft. Rihanna & Kanye West
3. Jockin' Jay-Z
4. Everyday a Star is Born
5. Forever Young
6. Brooklyn We Go Hard
7.Empire State of Mind ft. Eminem
8. D.O.A.
9. Swagga like Us Part 2 ft. Andre 3000, Nas & Scarface
11. Maybe ft. P. Diddy
12.Most Kings ft. Beyonce
13. Blueprint ft. Mr. Hudson
14. Lucy ft. Chris Martin
15. Off That ft. Drake
16. I Am Legend (Outro)

We are..


so saVvy

This is finna be str8 fire, he always spits hot fire!! I truly believe he is only second to 2pac as the rapper of all time!

Big Tazz... Im tha one

hmmm.....Let's see...First all of Jay Z's albums are not classics. Jordan lost a couple championships right. Volume 3 is not a classic, nor is Kingdom come or American Gangster; although American Gangster did have some bangers on there. So I wouldn't go so far as to say he's proved himself on every album. Reasonable Doubt, Blueprint, Volume 1 & 2, Black Album...those are I'm not expecting very much from Jay Z on this album besides a few bangers...but I might be wrong. And for the comment with Nas...yea he fell off for a while....but let's not forget his classic albums...but I won't get into that conversation.

/site_media/uploads/images/users/prefix/no-user-pic.gif B

Let's see...first Jay hasn't proved himself on every album. No doubt he is one of the greatest to ever bless a Mic; but I agree with a previous comment. After the black ablum things got a little weak. Kingdom come is by far his worst peace of work. I didn't really like Volume 3. American ganagster had some bangers on it...but I wouldn't call it a classic. Reasonable Doubt, Blueprint, Black Album...those are more of what I would call classic albums. I would never discredit the man...but I'm not expecting too much from Volume 3. Of course it will have some bangers on it...but it will never compare to his older works. No matter what the man will still be a legend, but even the greatest of legends don't have great moments all the time

B Diddy

hip hop sucks. only person dat is gud is soulja boy.


First of all, Jordan never lost a championship series. Second of all, Jay NEVER put out a dud. His weakest album was Vol.1, and if it was re-released today it would be the best album put out since American Gangster... Sometimes when you so far up the ladder, your start competing with yourself...thats where Jay is. Jay-Z is the best rapper to grace this planet EVER. Biggie is my dude, Tupac has a loyal following, but neither one of them had the catalog that Jigga has due to their untimely death. But the situation as it is, Jay is the best ever...PERIOD!




live from Detroit, Mi Jay Z is the king of New York and the best MC alive after Big right under him nas then kanye lyricaly

Jon R

I agree with my man LOUHawk, but he went south when he said Volume 1 was his weakest. I think Kingdom Come was his weakest, but even then he was gettin his grown man on so I don't know, but Volume 1 is where he announced he was taking over the game. Please replay City is mine and rewind Hov's career.


where's "run this town"?


Where is Swagger 2 after all the hype


Even though this album leaned more to radio, It was still not far to being one of Jays "Grown Man" Albums. I'll give it an 8.4

/site_media/uploads/images/users/CIGAA/Kid Cudi.bmp CIGAA

I'll call this my official review. The tracklist at the very top of the page is the correct list. I give the album a 9 out of 10, only because of the rediculously annoying hook on "Reminder" and the track "Hate" with Kanye (it's a little too Kanyeish?..) and also the track "Off That" with Drake, and finally "On To The Next One" with Swizz beats( the title of the song repeats over and over in the background and it overshadows Jay's lyrics). With the exception of those couple of missteps, the album is pretty damn hard. It's different for sure but not "Kingdom Come" different(thank god!!) It's a grown up's hip-hop album, and I noticed musically it's also a step above a lot of music that's out right now. I don't think "real" fans of the man and his music will be disappointed. This will be his 11th #1 album. Enjoy!


Naw he switched the tracklist up b/c of the leaks, said it on MTV


1)What We Talkin Bout ft. Luke Steel
2)Thank You
4)Run This Town ft. Kanye West, Rihanna
5)The Realest Ever, I Swear ft. Beanie Sigel, Scarface
6)Empire State of Mind ft. Alicia Keys
7)Good Night, Good Luck
8)Everyday a Star is Born ft. J. Cole
9)Already Home ft. Kid Cudi
10)Endo Smoke
11)Young Forever ft. Mr. Hudson
12)Reunion ft. Sauce Money, Memph Bleek, Geda K
13)Ask Me... ft. Pras of the Fugees
14)...Tell Me
15)Fake Tracklists


to many idiots hatin on hov got back to listening to weak ass weezy an soulja boy half the ppl that talk about hip hop to young to kno what good music is for real jay did what he had to do an hes where every rapper wanna be on top most money baddest chick what else u want from him

roc u 2 death

i have been looking on sites and the FIRST post of the tracklisting is the CORRECT ONE!!! not all the otherbullsh*t anyone else posted


dont sleep on yung deezy's mid-90s joint 'comin up from brooklyn heights' on wanksta recs -- it's fiyah!!! i'd rank him right under tony yayo as best emcee evah! REAL TALK (caps for serious part of post) i'll be back with the official new jay-z tracklist soon.


1. "What We Talkin' About" (feat. Luke Steele) Kanye West, No I.D. 4:04
2. "Thank You" Kanye West, No I.D. 4:11
3. "D.O.A. (Death of Auto-Tune)" No I.D. 4:15
4. "Run This Town" (feat. Rihanna and Kanye West) Kanye West, No I.D. 4:28
5. "Empire State of Mind" (feat. Alicia Keys) Al Shux 4:37
6. "Real as It Gets" (feat. Young Jeezy) The Inkredibles 4:13
7. "On to the Next One" (feat. Swizz Beatz) Swizz Beatz 4:17
8. "Off That" (feat. Drake) Timbaland 4:07
9. "A Star Is Born" (feat. J. Cole) Kanye West, No I.D. 3:48
10. "Venus vs. Mars" Timbaland 3:11
11. "Already Home" (feat. Kid Cudi) Kanye West 4:30
12. "Hate" (feat. Kanye West) Kanye West 2:31
13. "Reminder" Timbaland 4:18
14. "So Ambitious" (feat. Pharrell) The Neptunes 4:12
15. "Young Forever" (feat. Mr Hudson) Kanye West 4:14


Phumzile Saleni

Timbaland sux as does his production
kanYe West 4 life


BP3 .Nobody I mean nobody is messing with HOV.
"With O.G at a Yankee Game,shhht I make a Yankee Hat more famous than a Yankee can" And that describes Jay-Z. Dont matter who the rapper is..Young Old or Dead. Drake Wayne Kanye There's no comparison.."He talking bout real shhht ,them people playing What is you talkin bout ,I dont know what yall sayin. People talkin bout Hov take it bacc.He doin better than before WHY WOULD HE DO THAT?" 10.0 Jay ,"keep ya roof off so u the sky.Everybody talkin HOV ,I think we know why".


track list is right, and who ever wrote this break down must be a Souljah Boi fan or something! if you actually listen to the album and not just hear it, you'll see how crazy this dudes lyrics really are!! GET SERIOUS PEOPLE!! This the first real hip-hop album out in like 5 years!!


reply yo "rafi" ARE U EFFFIN KIDDDIN MEEE!!!! Reminder is HARDDDDD!!! i do agreee however wit ur comment on Haters dat is od Kanye-ish.. thought it was his song for a min.


talking about soulja boy in this case i think its plain childish go open your own websites and review,leave this for grown ups, by the way hov inspired kanye wat else do ya'll want


First of all Jay z has never fell off people out there dont understand hes a multi millionaire he cant talk tha hood s**t like dat no more so people think he got weak but the slick lyrics are still there. Jay is a genius we just have to accept what hes become as a rapper he cant talk about hustlin when hes flyin in jets u know what i mean. best album of all time is reasonable doubt no album can top that.


this album is wack as hell


Don't get me wrong there is some songs that are garbage, overall it is a good album. It's different. It's what I expect from Jay- he gives you the classic hip-hop beats to retro, to something that is new. His flow, ringtone pop kids are not going to understand.. Everyone needs to stop comparing people, " works of art are unique.Let the artists be unique and appreciate it.


Who cares? Rap, crap, punk, junk. Take all this stuff to the dump.


Your to old, need to retire, hand the crown to soulja boy..............


I would have definitely gave this at least an amazing, I mean seriously what more can you ask for? But the same people that usually low ball this guy in ratings is the same people who probably gave Stillmatic 5 mics (which is a joke). Like the Black Album, American Gangster and this album they all were better than Stillmatic and yet they all didn't receive 5 mics (stars). The discontent in the "Hip Hop community" to give this man his do is just sickening.

Check out my album review


Any track on this album is better that the BS that's been on the radio, VH1, MTV for the past years. Game Over.


Agreed. Eminem will destroy Jigga man any day...and if it wasn't for Pun's death, he would be the greatest


Check out the forerunner777 on youtube and learn the truth about Jay-Z. Don't get caught up and deceived.


the richest rapper
the best MC
the greatest buisness man on the hip hop scene
got the hottest chick that every rapper and almost every man on the world wanna f**k
and also...
Boss of Kanye West... one of the greatest producers of hip hop and r&b...
Mentor of Ne-Yo and Rihanna

Jay-Z, Ice Berg, Lucky Lefty, Hova, Shawn Carter is the greatest that ever done it...

" Everybody wanna be hov but hov is still alive "


Jay Z is the real which is the realtracklist coz everybody is coming up with his own...DAmn.Jay z kills doubt


Jay Z'S thank you is to all of us his FANS......


I can't wait to pick up this CD. Big up to Jay-z for his performance on the MTV awards sept 13th. Diggin his rhymes. Always on solid. I've always been a big fan!


i love this album and im only 10 lol!


tis album is by far 1 of jay-z's greatest hands down!!!


Are yal SICK?! Jay Z is soooo relevant. His play on words and his concepts. He has to grow. He told yal if yal want his old stuff listen to his old albums. This man is challenging the younger generation to grow into a name brand. That is his goal. He wants to see hip-hop evolve. And for those of you who think American Gangsta was not phenomenal.......You could not have listened to it. "I know what you like" was genious. He was the heroin trying to woo back the addict. Listen to that again. Kingdom Come was not for everybody. It was for the people who have grown with Hova since the beginning. Hands down, there is not another like Jay. He is a lyrical genious, listen to his verse in "Watch what you say to me" on TI's lp. He's smart and has the slickest mouth in rap!!! Love him!!

She Nyce

jay-hova wat more can i say, if rap waz to b put into one word its jay z . his diction out of this world ,and the black album ............... please people respect the man 30 iz the new 20 im a nigerian and i luv and respect the man


That's why he has the song reminder on the album. Why should he have to remind hip hop of what he's done....."Haters". On to the next one!


yeah jay-z discribes hiphop and rap. hez the boooooom go go go boy!!!!!!!!


I love this album. for those of yall who is hating how about you try going out into the music career business and make a album then you can talk. in the meantime stay of jayz 's back so he can go on.



/site_media/uploads/images/users/Frosty/Kyle.jpg Kyle Lemmon

Yo wats goodiee Get @ ME yo ahahahhaah

Sexyy Mama

Posts such as ^^this crack me up..


We need Bangers on here to start some shizz. He fites these peoples the bests.

/site_media/uploads/images/users/thestorfer/1202393jpeg.jpeg andross

Keep Spittin dat real Shiit JIGGA and ima always Cop YO Album..Real niggas STAND UP!!


Jay-Z goes supahard on this album....
he has everyone rockin' with him. Rhianna,Kanye,Kid cudii......


Jayz drowned in the mainstream, now all that is left is watered down rap for a white mass's.


jay z is the anti god of hip hop....he is the true definition of a rapper!


jigga forever legend


Get off Jay dick he is the greatest hands down end of discussion


If gonna hate reserve yur comments,Whom do u need to back u for big thingz if it's not jeezy, kanye, drake. Ma ppiz this dude is hot n not yet red. Fil me.


The Blueprint 3 e very,very good!


hey man, ya check this fool out. bad, bad, review. the dude prob doesn't even know hip hop from hop hip. you know?

the reality is this is an incredible, artful, live, and real dirty album. love the crunchy beats. it's ugly, hot, and moves you. he also leads and runs the game with class.

most of the other fools in the industry rely heavily on autotune. few years and it's gonna be dead as well as their careers. hah, even stupid taylor swift can't sing live without it.

but Jay-Z, live long my friend. Jay-Z has earned his title.

magic fingers

Jay _ Hey One Good MC...


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