Various Artists

    Jawbreaker Tribute: Bad Scene, Everyone’s Fault


    If Blake Schwarzenbach were dead he may have rolled over in his grave over this one. But he’s alive, and is most likely apathetic toward this sub-par tribute to his pre-Jets to Brazil landmark emo/punk act. Jawbreaker’s force, anger and sadness were many things to many punks, geeks, pillheads, or any combination of the three. Apparently countless went on to spew out affected, homogenized pop-punk. There are some decent punk bands on this tribute — Face to Face, Sparta — and there are some lame ones — Nerf Herder, Kill Your Idols. Even so, there is not one compelling Jawbreaker cover on here. These tribute records are a tricky devil, one where admiration easily turns to farce. Great tributes incorporate the best of two band’s sounds; unfortunately, few of these bands ever obtained one. Truly a fitting title for this one.


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