Jurassic 5

    J5 Deluxe Reissue


    Eleven years on, the blend of rhythmic rap and old-school vibes on Jurassic 5’s debut EP sounds just as fresh as it did when it was first released. Listening to classics like "Concrete Schoolyard," "Jayou" and "Action Satisfaction," it feels criminal that the EP was ever allowed to slip out of print. But Decon has rectified all that, saving the EP from hip-hop hearsay, and re-releasing J5 with "Improvise" and four more tracks (added, as they were, in 1998, to stretch the EP to LP length), along with a 15-track bonus CD and a DVD.


    The J5 EP is already a staple, and the bonus CD could stand as a full album in its own right, even allowing for a couple of playful fillers — promos for the Joint, the Wake Up Show and Power 106. We get so many strong extra tracks, like opener "Ignition Sequence," DJ Babu’s "Ducky Boy" and the rare first single, "Unified Rebelution," along with its flipside, "Lesson 4." The DVD features The Jurassic Period tour video, a live show at the Brixton Academy, London, and the video for "Concrete Schoolyard."


    The J5 deluxe reissue a treat for any hip-hop fan — and a significant reminder of how great Jurassic 5 once was.