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  • Three Sisters
  • Diamondback
  • Love No Less Worthy
  • One Task
  • Our Beloved Tyrant
  • Tillman's Rag
  • Mere Ornaments
  • Singing Ax
  • Madness on the Mountain
  • Maria
  • A Seat at the Table

J. Tillman may still be best known for his work as the drummer of the Fleet Foxes, but he is piling up an impressively prolific solo discography. Singing Ax will be Tillman’s seventh full-length studio album, and his third full-length in the past two years. Tillman’s solo work has begun to develop traction independent of his Fleet Foxes work, with 2009’s Year In The Kingdom earning critical plaudits and making a dent in the U.K. pop charts, followed by similar praise for follow-up Vacilando Territory Blues. Tillman worked on Singing Ax with the legendary indie engineering team of Steve Albini and Bob Weston in Chicago’s Electrical Audio studios, which should build up interest anew.

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