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It’s a treat to see a band follow an ambitious and successful debut with one that pushes itself even further.  Islands’ Arm’s Way drifts into much darker areas than 2006's Return to the Sea did, but the band retains its yearning soul and hopeful spirit.


Leadman Nick Thorburn bursts with lyrical and musical ideas that diverge and digress before culminating in powerfully realized conclusions.  Morbidity continues to define him as a lyricist, and going forward, it will be interesting to watch Islands reconcile the lyrical content with his joyful music. 


Thornburn’s vocal style sometimes drifts past heartfelt earnestness into showtune-like schmaltz. His occasionally pseudo-intellectual subject matter -- the Heidegger-inspired “In the Rushes” and the epic eleven-minute closing track, “Vertigo (If It’s a Crime),” which follows a defendant from his court case to the consummation of his date with a hangman’s noose -- seems too eager for profundity.


But the pieces fit.  Morose topics -- “Pieces of You” inspired by high school classmates of Thornburn’s who hacked up a fisherman -- flow between playful, upbeat romps.  Opener “The Arm” introduces the album’s obtuse morbidity (“That’s why the arm came for you!”) inside an adventure-theme guitar, string and synth motif. 


Bassist Patrice Agbokou is the unlikely driving force across the album’s countless intra-song tempo, mood, and stylistic changes.  His frisky fretwork sticks close to a sixteenth-note dance-music groove while busily bounding around the chord progressions of the Balkan-disco “Pieces of You.” Agbokou sits back during the quiet half of the somber “In the Rushes,” which channels Black Heart Procession, before springing into a spirited “homage” to the Who’s “A Quick One While You’re Away.” “You are forgotten!”


The constant shifts in tone and style will try listeners' patience, although only rarely does Arm’s Way devolve into gimmickry.  The roadrunner-quick bass groove of “Pieces of You” delights, at least until the Buster Poindexter tribute at the song’s conclusion, a stunningly, and seemingly unironic, cruise-ship conga-line afterthought that’s the album’s only ill-advised genre excursion. 


Arm’s Way represents a step forward from Return to the Sea creatively if not as an artistic whole.  It speaks to the band’s immense talent that its second album already finds Islands at somewhat of a crossroads.  Arm’s Way is a damn fine stopping-point regardless of which way they decide to travel.







  • The Arm
  • Pieces of You
  • J'aime Vous Voire Quitter
  • Abominable Snow
  • Creeper
  • Kids Don't Know Shit
  • Life In Jail
  • In the Rushes
  • We Swim
  • To a Bond
  • I Feel Evil Creeping In
  • Vertigo (If it's a Crime)

Like fellow Canadian band the Arcade Fire, Islands is a sprawling art-rock collective. The group tends to lean toward the lighter, more psychedelic, Of Montreal-esque side of things, as opposed to the Arcade Fire's grim seriousness. Centering the whirling dervishes of sound is band leader Nick Thornburn, who used to be in the Unicorns. Arm's Way is the sophomore full-length from Islands, after 2006's Return to the Sea. This is the band's first album for new label Anti-, home to other young, intriguing acts like Man Man and DeVotchKa. Arm's Way was co-produced by Ryan Hadlock, who has also worked with Blonde Redhead and Stephen Malkmus.






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Islands put on a rocking show at Webster. Peep the photos if you missed it!

/site_media/uploads/images/users/onelouderphoto/icon.jpg Chris Owyoung

I thoroughly enjoyed this album, especially after seeing them live. "Creeper" and "The Arm" are two of my favorite tracks.

/site_media/uploads/images/users/monaco/IMG_6245_3 - Version 2 - 2009-01-08 at 21-59-11 (1).jpg monaco

Hooooly sh-t.

/site_media/uploads/images/users/ehalpern/n22701428_30374667_7242.jpg ehalpern

This one definitely gets better the more you listen to it.

/site_media/uploads/images/users/countessian/n669480319_1120716_1209.jpg rachel juarez-carr

great album but im almost let down that its a bit more focused than their first. hasnt stuck with me very well..

/site_media/uploads/images/users/prefix/no-user-pic.gif powers

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