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The title of Isan's fourth full-length, Plans Drawn in Pencil, is a perfect descriptor: There's something temporal and sketch-like -- not sketchy, mind you -- about the songs Antony Ryan and Robin Saville concocted here. The album's thirteen tracks are composed of many melodies and levels -- some buried, some not so subtle -- that built upon each other as long-distance collaborators, originally from Reading, England, traded the tracks back and forth. The result? An album that can act as infectious background music as well as it can provide subtle foreground tunes. Plans Drawn in Pencil fits nicely in that Morr Music continuum of inventive, tricky, yet accessible electronica.


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  • Look and Yes
  • Cinnabat
  • Yttrium
  • Roadrunner
  • Ship
  • Immoral Architecture
  • Amber Button
  • Five to Four, Ten to Eleven
  • Corumdum
  • Stickland
  • Seven Mile Marker
  • Working in Dust
  • Ruined Feathers
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