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Invisible's first full length is a testament to his upbringing as well as the direction he's moving in. The Brooklyn native avoids standard bling bling fare and drops a lil' knowledge about staking his claim as an underground emcee on the rise. He'd prolly like to mask his high hopes underneath these big bleak beats -- provided by BT, Mondee and Total Eclipse -- but his aspirations are instead clear and very effective. Cuts like "Concrete Jungle" and "Virtual Reality" are the album's highlights, ridden with dreary strings and tribal drum samples. "Humble Son" is as dark as they come as guest emcee Angel Citron kills a doomsday piano loop and declares "since day one I been a humble son thirstin' to come, they shine a light upon the ones with guns walkin' the slums." Invisible and guests deliver a well-produced indie debut here, but there won't be a sneaker deal just yet. Maybe some signature laces or something.


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