Inventions for the New Season


    The Athens, Georgia-based rock instrumentalists Maserati recorded Inventions for the New Season with enough built-in references to Pink Floyd, Tangerine Dream, and Can to all but force reviewers to note that the group obviously picks up where the others leave off. Which may in fact be true, but that’s all the band does. Maserati certainly doesn’t do more than that, i.e. move forward, and Inventions for the New Season quickly blurs by as a series of increasingly charging and propulsive post-post-something jams that go nowhere.



    The band members (guitarists Matt Cherry and Coley Dennis, in particular) are capable of Jagger-Wood levels of intuitive interplay, interlocking and weaving walls of ever-building sound. But the music charges ever upward but never climaxes, never releases. The band runs through a collection of songs (the buzzing throb and bass-heavy tension of “Inventions,” the monotonous, churning drone of “Kalinera,” and the rubbery, fuzzed-out repetition of “Show Me the Season,” in particular) that each start out sounding as if three-quarters of The Unforgettable Fire-era U2 were covering the fluid, heartbeat bass lines of Floyd’s “Another Brick in the Wall, Part 1” and then kick into the explosive lurch of Meddle‘s “One of These Days,” before they . . . . well, actually, that’s really it. Nothing follows the up-tempo escalation found at the halfway point to each song. There is no ending, no release, just adept and highly referential noodling, soundscaped and reverb-soaked, which only works when it actually leads to something.






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