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    The inevitable becomes evitable: James Murphy has released a remix compilation of tracks from LCD Soundsystem, the much huzzaed first album from the DFA grand poohbah. Introns is available only as a download (although super-fans will probably have many of these tracks as B-sides of British imports), a move that underscores the message that this is not a proper follow-up to the deservedly heralded self-titled debut. Yet it should also come as no surprise that an LCD Soundsystem remix album is not just some contractual-obligation filler, either.


    Murphy is, among many things, a remix artist, and tracks from LCD Soundsystem practically beg for reinterpretation. “Disco Infiltrator” and “Tribulations” get a pair of reworkings. The Tiga’s Out of the Trance Closet mix of “Tribulations” throws the bass into the foreground, with a keyboard buried into the mix that brought me back to my days as a child playing Galaga. The Lindstrom mix of the same track discos up the proceedings, recalling a ’70s cop-show theme.


    “On Repeat” has minor tweaks, but “Daft Punk Is Playing at My House” gets a propulsive overhaul from Soulwax Shibuya, trimming the fat and increasing the iciness. There’s even a cover of Siouxsie and the Banshees’ “Slowdive” so Murphy can once again prove his taste is better than mine and yours. And, in case there were any concern, Murphy is still rocking the cowbell.


    Already in the studio working on the official second album, James Murphy has been kind enough in the meantime to compile a remix album that’s good enough to put some of these songs back in rotation on my iPod. A few of the remixes are too superfluous (“Yr City’s A Sucker” comes immediately to mind), Introns does a satisfactory job stemming the tide for us ironic dance-music fans everywhere.


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