The Flash Express

    Introducing the Dynamite Sounds Of


    The Flash Express is a Los Angeles trio that cranks out guitar-driven garage rock. After listening to the Introducing the Dynamite Sounds of, I cannot extract any elements that deviate from this formula or distinguish the Flash Express from the pack of rock-revivalist currently on the scene. Brian Waters’ vocals possess the gravelly, low-quality snarl of Billy Childish, while his lyrics remain consistent with the arrogant/underdog/rock-prophet image (“What’s up with the music? / The whole industry is wack / I don’t know who stole the soul / The Flash Express gonna give it back). And the Flash Express adopts this stance well — the guitar work is just as active and messily engaging as the Mooney Suzuki. But, ultimately, the band resigns itself to the same tried-and-true blues progressions, D.I.Y. production value, and rhythmic, hand-clapping breaks. Oh, but Waters hangs out with Cody ChesnuTT. And that experience must be different.