Light Yourself On Fire



    Not sure which is more impressive about Intimacy: how perfectly the members of Light Yourself on Fire imitate Coalesece, or how potent this most copied of sounds remains in their blistered hands.


    Hailing from the death-metal cradle of Tampa, Light Yourself on Fire inevitably have a bigger case of the growlies than their Kansas City progenitors. Otherwise, Intimacy makes good on its title with high-tension, down-tuned groove bombs that get up close and personal in five time signatures at once. Light Yourself on Fire’s signature move: the toneless palm-mute chugga that pops up in every song, which sounds like those two distorted slashes before the chorus of Radiohead’s “Creep,” taken to their logical heavy-metal extreme.

    Just as important as Light Yourself on Fire’s claustrophobic riffing is their concision, which dictates that songs will end after three and a half minutes, even if a dialogue sample takes up the first 40 seconds. The album’s 17-minute smackdown would probably feel even more forceful live, with the samples excised. Vocalist Matt Coplon (ex-Reversal of Man) bases his lyrics on Sartre and Camus — not a recipe for success, per se, but his philosophical takes on boredom, love and luck (“You use mythical rationale to level it out/ And it turns you into less than a fraction of inconsequence”) at least avoid floor-punch clichés.


    Whether you’d prefer Light Yourself on Fire to break your kneecaps or quote you Kierkegaard, Intimacy gets the job done.