The Slow Break

    Inside the Dark Mountain


    Although one of the band’s direct ancestors is the laconic icons Pavement, Louisville’s the Slow Break, on its debut, Inside the Dark Mountain, also manages to honor the shambolic, blues-and-beer-infused rock of Janis Joplin and more contemporary artists such as Marah and the Libertines. With a bit of Dolly Parton’s twang, Joplin’s breathless urgency, and her own passion, singer Alison Lee-Whitney injects songs such as “Interstate Woman” and “Cowboy Crucifixion” with a feminine fire that, like the guitar and drums, is just barely contained in the studio. This is essentially a pure rock record, rough and unprocessed, jangly and passionate, but with a few sax and xylophone licks to keep it from blending in and getting lost.



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