Black Devil Disco Club

    In Dub


    How long, how long, how long must we sing this song? So long as it stays this fonky, we can sing all night long, in the name of fill-in-the-blank, shouting at the Black Devil for all I care. Whether or not you drink the Kool-Aid-flavored Bernard Fevre, a.k.a. Joachim Sherylee, a.k.a. YourGuessIsAsGoodAsMineWhetherThisRecordWasReallyMadeIn1978Or2004, you need not be a “black-crack collector” to recognize the firm grasp Disco Club clasps upon your ass. That said, thank the fanatics for heaping the praise that indubitably prompted 2006’s 28 After, another lost album or comeback, red pill/blue pill choice, half a dozen in one six in the other.



    And because all good things come in threes (should we thank Jack Tripper for setting off our love of the Wookie/Hobbit/Cosa Nostra m�nage-a-trois?), we finally arrive at In Dub. In versioning 28 After, In Dub leaves us with the hashish-encrusted remains of an overground party at an underground bathhouse. Ever the gentlehost, Black Devil also invites us to the after-party after the after-party; in a seeming concession to contemporaneity, he taps current “in” producers to remix the whole jawn. The song remains the same as each guest host has enough retro know-how to keep us rooted in the ’70s cesspool from which these tracks (purportedly) sprung. Thus, Norwegian man-about-the-club Prins Thomas simply lubricates “On Just Foot,” and Brooklyn-based titillaters In Flagranti slow “Coach Me” down from a Moroder chase pace to a roller-rink party on ‘shrooms. What a treat for all you dirty boys and girls — raise your jam jars of bathroom gin and hail the Black Devil one more time.