Slow Train Soul

    Illegal Cargo


    The thin line between smooth lounge bliss and smooth jazz crap is ever-present, but its location is often debated. Superior acts like Thievery Corporation and Truby Trio have been immune to such criticism, but a safe pass for more obscure upstarts can waver from person to person. Quite often, Illegal Cargo uses Morten Varano’s playfully sexy beats and Lady Z’s soothing voice to evoke the typical down-tempo electronica sound. But more often the pairing creates a sound so non-threatening and empty that it becomes background music in the worst sense of the word. There is music out there that can dance the aforementioned line well enough that the few times it seems likely to cross over can be forgiven, but Slow Train Soul has created quite another thing altogether: the utterly forgettable down-tempo dance album. Get the $2.99 bins ready.


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