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The members of Idiot Pilot refer to their music as “Someone attempting to carry a computer down a flight of stairs and then tripping.” After listening to Wolves, the follow up to their 2004 debut, Strange We Should Meet Here, I still can’t make any sense of that. I’d refer to the album as a series of songs complicated by overworked choruses and verses that glitch and beep, all blended together so similarly that it’s incredibly difficult to tell one track from the next. I also can’t make sense of the Radiohead comparisons they’ve been given.

Idiot Pilot is the effort of Michael Harris and Daniel Anderson -- with the help of a few others, such as Mark Hoppus of +44 and formerly of Blink-182, who co-produced Wolves (which might help explain why everything is so breathless and guitar-heavy). Hoppus just seems to have a knack for overcomplicating the avant-garde (see also Motion City Soundtrack’s Commit This to Memory).

The album’s main concept is technicality drowned in repetition, and opener “Last Chance” sets this formula up. Harris, like a downplayed and washed-over Thom Yorke, sings “We are all put here on Earth/ So we could be first/ The first to be in the sky.” Nine tracks follow with similarly confusing and colorless lyrics hidden beneath barre-chord choruses and flooded guitar overdrive. Even with the tight execution and precise production from start to finish, the repetition and unoriginality buries Wolves deep in a trap of predictability.

Every once in a while (“Cruel World Enterprise,” “Reoccurring Dream”) the duo manages to evoke a simple melody that outshines the overworked song built around it. The repeated lines, “Concentrate on making love” hooks “Cruel World Enterprise,” leaving that small moment in Wolves a standout. Whereas the best track of the album, “Reoccurring Dream,” shows a different side of Idiot Pilot -- toned down, under worked -- the duo finally gathers its footing and ends the album with a glimpse of something better.


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You are so utterly clueless. Terrible review, great album.


i agree, with jenn. you are clueless and have bad BAD taste in music. the least appealing tracks are the ones you mentioned. this album is a gem. how do people with bad taste become album reviewers? i am perplexed


Idiot Pilot isn't honest song making. It is meant to sound "good" and be the next big thing and that is about it. They shoot for the stars and forget the most basic important elements of art. This is why it comes across as hollow and empty.

If you guys really think this is a "gem" than YOU are actually the ones that have been spoon fed medicore sh*t since your childhood.

A "gem" is an album people will appreciate for long after your life is over. Is there a single song on this album that you truly appreciate even right now? Anything you appreciate more than the next "it" band?

This is a hipster band PERIOD; the fans try to make them out to be more than they are as if you would "get it" if you were intelligent enough.

Waiting for album 3 to be great
t because this is not even average in an era of watered down artists obsessed with their own image.


hahaha since when is motion city soundtrack avant-garde at ALL?

haha j-roc. you got us. all us hipsters following the next big thing. cause you know all the 12 year old girls are blasting idiot pilot on their pink boomboxes, and idiot pilot have makeup designers to touch them up before every ampitheatre concert and every music video that falls into mtv's heavy rotation.

for the record i enjoy idiot pilot just as much as marketable pop-punk and no they are not a hipster band, their music is sincere and carries character, integrity, and originality. not many bands are doing what idiot pilot has done and you can't say they write music for fame or to adhere to some marketable formula. because there is nothing mainstream about their mix of abrasive screams/shouts with elecronics, atmosphere, and unusual chord progressions.

to the reviewer: the album carries plenty of diversity. you cannot tell me last chance sounds like retina in the sky, and cruel world enterprise, and recurring dream. the songs only sound the same to someone who doesnt like the band; isnt that how it always works?


You say that "I also can’t make sense of the Radiohead comparisons they’ve been given", yet you go on to compare Michael's vocals to Thom Yorke. This is a pretty clear indication that you are a confused reviewer who knows very little.


u got 2 C the band live. they rock.


Currently my favorite album. Top of the rotation. I can't wait to see these guys live.


bass ass album. one of my all time favorites now. and yes, all must see them live!!


I can't think of a single song they have done yet, that isn't thought provoking, or brilliantly written. It is up for your interpretation. If all you can pull out of the lyrics is a colorless heap, isn't that your own lack of life experience? I dunno, I guess I don't believe in artistic reviews as being valid because everyone resonates to a different provocation.


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