I Was Born at Night


    Meneguar’s debut, I Was Born at Night, was released last year on D.C.’s Magic Bullet Records and got as much attention as a pimply fat kid during kickball-team selection. In these times when Williamsburg bands usually get the return-of-the-messiah treatment from drooling music mags and bloggers, Meneguar’s debut came and went without much fanfare. A pity, I tell you. The album’s leadoff track, “House of Cats,” was the best single of 2005 by gar, and I really don’t give two shits what all of you apocryphal “I need to temper my indie-cred by putting Kelly Clarkson’s assembly-line song on the top of the list” jerks have to say about it.



    Cleary unhappy with the job that Magic Bullet did pushing its release, the band deconstructed the record and put it back together again for a reissue on Troubleman Unlimited, home of the world’s most un-user friendly Web site. The album features the same tracks and order of its original pressing, but all of the songs have been remixed, remastered and, in one case, rerecorded.


    Meneguar plays the rock music. And what’s great about rock is that instead of spouting some pleonastic, hyphen-crazed nonsense, all I have to say is that it makes you feel like that pimply fat kid felt the first time he put on an Archers of Loaf record. The band’s sound pits rabid guitars playing off each other with the intensity of a knife fight, always-effective group singing, swaying bass lines and drums that roll more often than a soccer mom in a Chevy Tahoe. Taken all in, it’s a highly satisfying and incidentally versatile aesthetic: it would fit perfectly at some hipster deejay night, a road trip, a barbecue — it would even make a great soundtrack to wash your car to. Holy shit: This is movie-montage music.


    I Was Born at Night is a powerful shot in the arm or, more accurately, a huff on a nitrous balloon. Seven songs come at you in twenty-five blissful, spastic and utterly affirming minutes, and then it’s over. Just like nitrous, there’s no come-down either, only that terrible itch for another go at it.


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