Lali Puna Faking the Books

    I Thought I Was Over That


    A failed press release from an imaginary publicist for an actual collection of Lali Puna singles, b-sides and rarities:


    Instead of our regularly scheduled program, we’ll be airing something a touch different. No, it’s not a clip show jam-packed with our favorite scenes from our catalogue of three Lali Puna albums. Do you think we’re that lazy? Instead we’ll feature outtakes, reinterpretations from hot new names and whatever the hell else we can find in this box of CDs. So enjoy to your heart’s content, because this organic IDM wave is cresting, and we plan to ride the whole damn thing to the shore.

    With great musicians just popping up out of the Munich soil, it’s necessary for you to know more about Lali Puna. We hope you didn’t miss last year’s wonderfully amazing Faking the Books. We loved that album, and so did most critics. It was a fresh collection of broken electronic rhythms complete with robotic female vocals from our dashing lead vocalist, Valerie Trebeljahr. And who can forget the Notwist’s Markus Acher rounding out the sound on guitar, adding that organic touch? It’s as if we took a little from Kraftwerk, mixed it in with Stereolab and started pulling out random slivers in the rhythms just to mess with the sounds. It’s sexy. It’s original. It’s IDM.

    If you’re in the know, you’ll find this hot minimal electronica sound to be very cool, fresh and abstract. This IDM has all the indie kids going berserk, and we’re here to keep them hopped up on that drug. We’ve gone through the Lali Puna EPs and singles so you don’t have to. To make the offer even spicier, we added hot remixes from deejays including Dntel, Boom Bip and To Rococo Rot. Yes, that’s right, we’ve cast those brilliant blip-hoppers to give us their take on Lali Puna songs, and you’ll be pleasantly surprised because you won’t notice a thing. Don’t jump to conclusions and think your CD is skipping. That’s what it’s supposed to do.

    If you find this collection to be sleepy, sporadic and inconsistent, don’t worry; it’s not a real album. It’s what you’d expect from Lali Puna but with little effort, and that’s how we like it. In our books, little work plus high sales equals happy people. So while you’re out there looking for something to spend your hard-earned money on, come find us. You know what you’ll be getting, and it won’t offend. It may not add new meaning into your life or influence you creatively, but it’s music right? And since most of the dance music out there has become repetitive, boring and uncreative, we’re doing you a service.

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