I Dreamed We Fell Apart


    It happens all the time: You get home from a vacation and find that something horrible has happened to the film you used to capture all your memories. And you can’t help but feel a twinge of sadness that everything good and bad about your trip wasn’t captured on paper. Listening to Memphis’s I Dreamed We Fell Apart reminded me of losing a roll of photos, but instead trying to recreate them in audio.


    They say the best relationships that form while traveling begin with a great chance meeting. If that’s the case, Memphis begins on the right foot. Singer Torquil Campbell met his partner Chris Dumont in an Egyptian hospital, where he was recovering from a chronic addition to sleeping pills. They recorded A Good Day Sailing in 2002 and went their separate ways — Campbell to Montreal to work on his band Stars’s Heart, Dumont to New York’s Central Park to work as a carousel operator.

    The old friends meet up again in Vancouver with I Dreamed We Fell Apart, a beautifully crafted snapshot of the warmest feelings that come while you’re discovering the world. Delicate whistles are weaved in with lo-fi electronic beats and dreamy keyboards, and the record sounds like a more independent version of the Stars. It captures love in eleven tracks.

    The record’s beauty shines as each song takes you to a different place. The drums of “Love Comes Quickly,” a Pet Shop Boys cover, radiate a hot night in Brazil, and the consecutive four-minute rainstorms in the back echo a sexy thunderstorm in Thailand.

    Memphis isn’t supposed to be a side project, but rather “a resurrection of a dream thought long ago dead.” It’s a reminder of nostalgiac friends, bicycle rides and watching the sunset into the sea. It’s a picture postcard that reinvents the most powerful memories that a roll of film couldn’t even provide.

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