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Remember I told you first about the song he got called "Really Like Her" produced by Street Symphony.

South Memphian

I've heard of Street Symphony. He bubbling right now on the underground. I heard the song yesterday on 107.9 (Really Like Her). Its got Rocko and Luda on it. Crazy!!!


I heard that song on V103.3 yesterday. I-20 is back!


WTF? I can't even lie. 20 is back SLAPPIN!! I just hope its better than the last album.


I heard the single on
Good look for DTP

Young Pimpin

Yeah he ready......

Shaun G

I'm coping this album. The single "Really Like Her" is that slap!!! We trying to hunt the producer and 20 down now. I need that sound.

Malcom (BHZ Records)

Album got pushed back to October 28.

Shaun G

I-20 is coming back out strong , he has two new songs taht are gon be hot on the album >>>>>


Two? I've heard like 5 already that were crazy. Really Like Her, Flickin Ashes, Down South, Air It out & Mic Check. I hate that dude doesn't get any promotion or marketing.

Bham Bomber

Just saw the video. Good look for ATL!

D Rich

I love the song's Really Like Her & Flicking Ashes. Dude might bang out this time.


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