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  • Shower Melody
  • Gluetooth
  • Joy Fantastic
  • 3.30
  • Trykk
  • Fruit Touch
  • ZOo00OOm
  • Acoustic Lady
  • Rising 5
  • Twistclip Loop
  • Just Decided
  • No One Could Ever
  • Velvet Peel
  • Tell Me What You Want from Me
  • Fuse
  • Star Crackout
  • Allhot
  • Black N Red

Scottish producer Hudson Mohawke got signed to the renowned Warp Records with startlingly little previous work. Through a series of self-released tracks and DJ mixes that began getting passed around the Internet, he was able to get featured on the Choices, Vol. 1 and Vol. 2 compilations on Ubiquity Records. From there, his only solo work before getting signed was a 12-inch on local Glasgow label LuckyMe. He has been compared to other "post-Dilla" producers such as Flying Lotus, but his style is much more frenetic and club-oriented than most of this generation. Butter is his long-playing debut, and it combines experimental beatmaking with more poppy vocal-centered tracks.

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