Windsor for the Derby

    How We Lost


    Is it possible that post-rockers Windsor for the Derby could have any gas left in the tank after seven albums and numerous lineup and label changes? The Philadelphia-based band hasn’t exactly souped-up its engine for How We Lost, which instead finds core members Daniel Matz and Jason McNeely expanding on the folk-meets-shoegazer experimentation of 2005’s Giving Up the Ghost.


    Clearly Matz and McNeely see Windsor for the Derby as a slowly evolving beast, with each new album offering a further set of mournful vocals, Eno-esque ambiance, and gently plucked guitars. They really hit their stride on standout tracks “Maladies” and “Fallen Off the Earth,” which are rare excursions into the kind of upbeat dream pop that Yo La Tengo has turned into a trademark.