Hip-Hop for Sale


    Everyone is still impressed with Canibus’s performance in the lyrical face-off with L.L. ten years ago, but the emcee’s early records sunk his stock so low that when Eminem ran out of white people in hip-hop to beef with, he knew Canibus was an acceptable target. His 2003 album, Rip the Jacker, restored some of the former respect he had lost, but most of his work since then has settled right back into coasting: Witness Hip-Hop for Sale, a failed collaboration with always-ready-to-blow-up Nottz. The producer only ends up handling five tracks, and those are throwaway beats, even compared to the rest of this album, which, if you put your ear close enough to it, actually sounds like the used bin. If hip-hop is for sale here, it must be a close-out.



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