Hello Stranger


    There is a disco resurgence taking powerful hold of some U.S. cities. Reports of its hideously distorted face have surfaced recently in New York City and in sweaty basement clubs along the East Coast. Unprepared onlookers should proceed with extreme caution: Disco is a dangerous and nearly pointless experiment that seethed into popular culture some time ago with the staying power of the Clapper and the Chia Pet. But before the Berlin producer/deejay’s record almost redeems itself with a classy sleeper on the outro, there is some merit in a few of the disco-based tracks on Kaos’s Hello Stranger.


    This nine-track album will not ever, in seven thousand years, help anyone get laid, but it will most definitely shake some bottoms, particularly in the familiar “Girls & Boys” bass line of “Now and Forever” and the suggestively titled “Bang the Box.” The lyrics, though, over the repetitive and inoffensive beats on the other selections, are best digested after a handful of some toxic disco-oriented pills. “You gotta fill me up with that juice, aww yeah.”

    The Rapture’s Matt B. Safer, Erlend Oye and some others contribute to Hello Stranger, each presumably offering their talents graciously so that Kaos might continue to investigate the boundaries of disco music. This investigation will likely be very short. Good luck and Godspeed.

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