Gravy Train!!!!

    Hello Doctor


    Total party rap/new wave with its mind in the gutter. Appears to be two lesbians, a straight girl and a gay guy. Not to be confused with Gravy Train, sans exclamation points. That’s ’70s prog-rock. This is a blend of rap, new wave and riot grrrl indie rock. It’s a four-piece: Funx, Hunx, Drunx and Chunx. They’re singing about doing anyone they can and eating greasy food. Ten songs, one of which is an exercise number teaching the audience how to do “Pussy Thrusts.” Fairly good stuff, taking into mind that most of the songs on here were produced with a cheap drum machine and a Casio keyboard. Pretty dead on with Hawnay Troof, who guests on the track “Gutter Butter,” though I tend to dig his two records a bit more. Still, quite catchy and amusing for the most part. Standout track is “Hella Nervous,” which has been tearing up the dance clubs quite a bit lately. It’s about poorly endowed men.


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